Fantasy Freako’s Rave – Preseason


DTFML is happy to announce the latest ‘Fantasy Freako Rave’ is ready from our friends at Champion Data.

Always a great read, it includes DT scores for each player along with the valuable Time-on-Ground and Points-per-Minute stat that can rarely be found elsewhere. Freako also chips in with some insightful tips and advice for each team that you need to read!

DOWNLOAD NOW: Fantasy Freako.pdf

If you want Freako’s awesome work sent straight to your email, head to to sign up to the Fantasy Freako Rave mailing list.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Freako’s Rave – Preseason

    • Tonight. There is some extremely heated debates happening about the ‘ablett’ scenario. We just cannot post advice about locking ablett when he isnt playing nab, hasnt played intraclub, cant have full contact, and might not be playing round 1 or more. It really does change everything, finances, structure, captaincy… trust me… its an epic monster of a midfield cheatsheet article Michael. I know everyone is waiting… but i promise… it will be posted this evening. How are you feeling about Ablett?

      • Thanks very much and I apreciate it. I believe that if he is playing round 1 then he is a certain lock even if he only plays 75% game time. It is a tough call anyway. Love the cheat sheets very much as they are very helpful. All of them will be up before round 1, right?

        • Absolutely.
          Youll see all cheatsheets plus all of our teams and all sorts before round 1. Its go time now! Really gearing up for the start of the season!

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