This is the big one… Who are the Rookie Midfielders to pick in 2015?

About half your cash cow money for the season will come from your midfield rookies, so there is nothing more important than nailing the 3 or 4 absolute must have rookies who explode each year. This is some of the most important picking you will make all season so here is some info on the gun rookie midfielders to kep an eye on and why:


NATHAN FREEMAN – Collingwood – Mid


Fantasy $174k

The poor kid did his hammy last season in the NAB cup and never made it onto the park for the Pies in his rookie season. Freeman could be the fastest and most exciting rookie to debut this season, but this explosive speed comes at a risk, with numerous setbacks during his attempt to return last season. Last year we talked him up big time, as his 2013 year in the TAC cup was awesome, averaging 22 disposals and dominating clearances and inside 50’s. If he is fit, he will get games. A perfect M8 or bench mid.


TRENT DUMONT – Kangaroos – Mid


Fantasy $120k

Certain to debut for the Kangas this season after dominating in the VFL at North Ballarat, averaging 25 disposals, and dominating the club for inside 50’s, clearances, tackles and contested possessions. This kid is made for Fantasy football. Put him on your midfield bench at M10 and send me a thank you email when he starts playing.


BEN NEWTON – Melbourne – Mid


Fantasy $192k

Drafted from Port Adelaide where he couldn’t manage more than 4 games in 4 seasons, mostly due to injury and then being past by others while on the sidelines, he is likely to debut immediately for Melbourne. Champion Data says he averaged the most disposals, contested possessions and clearances of any AFL listed player in the SANFL last year. He will play and is not a young light bodied rookie so expect something decent from round 1. Alarm bells ring as I compare him to Michie from last season who struggled. A safe bet for M9 for me.


PATRICK CRIPPS – Carlton – Mid


Fantasy $163k

While he actually debuted in 2014 (17 disposals and 5 tackles – nice debut), he only played 3 games for the year. His 10 in the VFL however averaged a lovely 23 disposals, 7 clearances and 5 tackles and most importantly Champion Data state that he averaged the 2nd most contested possessions of any VFL player who played more than 5games. He will certainly break into the Blues midfield in his 2nd season and if he can get through preseason uninjured is a lock for M7 or M8. Just be sure he is fit going through the NAB cup then lock him in.


ISAAC HEENEY – Swans – Mid


Fantasy $246k

The 18th draft pick was actually a Swans academy graduate who played a few senior games in the NEAFL (averaging 18 disposals). Longmire apparently expects him to compete immediately for a spot in the Swans side, which says he must be rated bloody highly considering the team the Swans have! He averaged 126 DT pts in the U18’s and 91pts in the NEAFL. The reality is that I personally cannot see him breaking into the Swans lineup. I really cant see it. If he doesn’t get a game for the Swans we might see a Tom Mitchell like domination in the NEAFL. Just cross every finger and toe that he gets a game. A total gun, just might not play enough games to make him a certainty. Watch very carefully and hold off from picking him yet.


COREY ELLIS – Richmond – Mid


Fantasy $265k

Jesus these midfield rookies aren’t cheap but they sure know how to rack up DT pts. Ellis is a relentless tackler and a high possession inside midfielder who averaged 80+ DT pts in both the U18 champs and TAC Cup. Should play through the season but not likely to be an every-gamer. He will need to score well at his price to be worth it, so only watching at this stage.




Fantasy $243k

This mature age rookie should debut early for the Blues, bringing with him 4 seasons of WAFL senior footy experience with him. He had a 21 disposal and 76 DT pts average last season and is an attacking midfield option who is better suited to pump in an inside 50 than to score himself. Seriously have to consider for M7 or M8 as he should play early.


ANGUS BRAYSHAW – Melbourne – Mid


Fantasy $294k

Simply put this guy is just too expensive to play in our Fantasy teams. The #3 draft pick is sure to play and score well, with a strong 22 disposal average last season, with 113 DT pt average in the U18 champs and 111 DT pts in the TAC Cup. In fact he might line up next to #2 pick Petracca (See our FWD ROOKIE ARTICLE) in Round 1 and while we would love to have them both in our Fantasy teams, I just don’t think we can afford to, as they no longer become cash cow options at their mid prices. He’s a gun. He’s just so expensive. Lets see if he explodes through NAB Challenge first.




Fantasy $227k

We actually missed him in our Forward Rookie article earlier today but not without purpose. With a number of dual position players up forward this year it should be very valuable to have a dual position rookie in our midfield and we think Steele might be the one. Champion Data love him as he ranked #1 for his side and the entire U18’s championships for Champ data ranking points. Yes ranked #1 !! Steele is a goal kicking midfielder with an elite boot and can take a mark. He averaged 130 DT pts in the U18’s and 119 DT pts in TAC Cup so you can just see him owning a spot in your Fantasy teams. Better news… drafted to GWS he is certain to play at some stage in this young team (although maybe with a Vest), and while they aren’t short of midfielders he will feel right at home along side Treloar, Kelly, Greene and Coniglio. An absolute LOCK at M7 or M8 if he is named to play and gives you flexibility with dual position.



Click on the empty template below to load our draft midfield with the rookies placed where see them being picked at this VERY early stage.


midfield fantasy blankl
(click above to see where we place the rookies)


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5 thoughts on “2015 AFL Fantasy ROOKIE MIDFIELDERS:

    • Great question. Im personally very excited about Greene. Especially in fantasy. He is locked in my own team as we speak. Crouch is good, and will score well, but I cant ignore the greedy nature of Greene for pigging points. Higher ceiling for sure.

    • Absolutely are Francis!
      Great question!
      You beat us by 1 day.
      But there is good reason we have been holding off releasing our cheat sheets.

      If you look at the Traders (AFL boys from DTTALK)… they have been pumping out teams… and the NAB is only half way through..
      They published a team in the official AFL Record and since then…
      * Waters has retired
      * Whitecross hasnt played
      * Kreuzer got injured
      * Stevie J is injured
      * Membrey has underperformed and is off most people’s radar now
      * Acres has underperformed
      * Selwood and Franklin might not even make it to Round 1 due to preseason injury

      It’s super dangerous picking teams and sharing it as advice to the public when we are this far out. And what a poor example to be setting for the Fantasy public who look to this as an example of a starting team they could pick themselves, because many do, and not everyone does all of their own research.

      As always, DTFML cheatsheets will be structural, helping get the right balance of guns, mids, rookies and bargains across each line, with suggested players for each spot to choose from.

      As we are half way through the NAB, the first of these will be out tomorrow, before the next round begins.
      TOMORROW! Hoorah!

      The final cheatsheets will be released at the end of the NAB.

      Thanks for the message,
      hope you enjoy!


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