Who are the Rookie forwards to pick in 2015?

So you’ve heard some names, seen some people bander around draft teams… but who are these Rookie Forwards that people are talking about, and who are the ones we should be keeping our eyes on as the NAB Challenge approaches?


CHRISTIAN PETRACCA – Melbourne – Fwd/Mid


Fantasy $297k

This number 2 draft pick is a goal kicking midfield gun! Sounds good so far right? He was a high possession player right through juniors, averaging 25 disposals for Vic Metro at the under 18’s and over 24 disposals in the TAC Cup across 9 games. He also kicked 19 goals 11 behinds in those 9 games, showing his forward dominance too. Want more…? How about a 105pt DT average last season and 128pts per 120mins in the U18’s champs. Normally a guy of this calibre is a midfield rookie, but we got dual position and can play him forward! What’s the catch? #2 draft pick means big price. Can we justify it? There are bargain forwards like Mitch Clarke over $100,000 cheaper! The verdict… he is going to play, he will score well… but he wont make as much cash as cheaper options will. The price will scare off others but he becomes less of a cash cow and more of a midpricer. It’s a Yes for me for F5 at this stage, too good to pass over in our forward lines.


JESSE HOGAN – Melbourne – Fwd


Fantasy $194k

Gun key forward who was injured all of last year and looks set to debut in 2015 instead. Rookies writing their first season off with injury don’t usually instill a lot of confidence in me, but his awesome junior stats and winning Casey’s best and fairest in the VFL in 2013 as a junior both remind me not to focus on the injury. He is an absolute lock at F5 or F6 if he is healthy and playing. If.


TIM MEMBREY – St Kilda – Fwd


Fantasy $165k

While also not technically a Rookie, Membrey played 1 AFL game for Sydney last season and 0 the season prior, leaving him Cheap as a rookie debuting for his new team, the Saints, with Riewoldt as his mentor. He kicked nearly 100 goals in the past 2 seasons in the NEAFL as a forward 50 target. I think he will play early games for the Saints and as such should make us a few $ before the bye rounds. A great forward bench option at F7 or F8 even.


NATHAN KRAKOUER – Port Adelaide – Fwd/Mid


Fantasy $142k

Nathan Krakour is back. After a few years out of the action, his return via Port’s SANFL side last season sets him up for a return to AFL in 2015. Can he break into a strong Port team is yet to be seen, but if he does, I’d expect a 50-60pt average and with dual position becomes a handy bench option up forward. Wait for him to break into the side, F8 downgrade option most likely.




Fantasy $179k

Again, while debuting last season, (and sitting on most of our fantasy benches for most of the year), Honey only managed 3 games, one as the vest, for the Bulldogs which surprised a lot of us. He was teasing us with 5 times being named emergency prior to his debut. Disappointing season. In the VFL he played 16 games averaging 19 disposals, and demonstrated a keen ability to tackle, get clearances and assist scores. A junior superstar, I think he is a lock if he becomes a Bulldogs regular. Watch to see if he has a spot and then get him in at F6.


MITCH CLARK – Geelong – Fwd


Fantasy $156k

Not even close to being a rookie, but a return to AFL and a move to the Cats sets him up at rookie price for a great year. Has averaged 3 seasons in a row over 70+ before. Chuck him on your bench for sure if he plays.



Click on the empty template below to load our draft forward line with the rookies placed where see them being picked.


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