Lock Them In Eddie (FWD)

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Lock Them In Eddie (FWD) 

Welcome to the 2015 AFL Fantasy and Dream Team preseason, and don’t we have some MASSIVE news to share to kick things off today.

For those who havn’t heard the news announced back in December… the incredible news… the news we have been begging for… both Fantasy and Dreamteam have confirmed that the PIG, the CAPTAIN, the DT HALL OF FAMER… Dane Swan has been given dual position Fwd/Mid status this year!!!

Let the heavens open and the world celebrate!


I think I heard you question whether you would even want him in your forward line anyway? Are you kidding us!? Swan is a lock in everyone’s forward line. He is a DT legend, and despite a crap season battling with injury in 2014 he still averaged 97odd. You get one of the leagues best midfielders in your forward line. Don’t question it. Just lock him in.

Want more good news…?

Other confirmed dual position changes that are simply awesome for our forward lines this year include Brendan Goddard and Brett Deledio, both becoming Fwd/Mid’s. WHATTTTT!? Have they gone crazy!!??

Two start up champion midfielders who float around doing whatever they like, can both slot in our forward lines next to Swan. Bloody Hell there’s our forward lines locked and loaded!


But there’s so many other good forwards…?

Look… you’re right. Robbie Gray and Dustin Martin stand out as 2 premium forwards that most teams would be chasing to start the year, but draft cheat sheets already show us we can fit the 3 dual position champs and one more premium in our forward lines, alongside some bargains and rookies (more of this to come).

Other top forwards in 2014 included Harvey, Bartel, Chapman and Riewoldt, but with age comes the risk of a DT performance drop. Granted they all battled tirelessly last year, do you want to back them again in 2015?

That was rhetorical. The answer is no you don’t want these oldies.

You want one premo and the 3 locks from this article.

How we see them fit…

fwd dual2

As always in this (very) early stage of preseason, we should wait and see how NAB rolls out for injuries but otherwise I think its safe to lock and load.

Go play with your team

Thanks to the Real Dream Team’s Assistant Coach you can now log in at http://afldreamteam.virtualsports.com.au and start picking your preseason team.


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