2014 Real DreamTeam teams revealed.

While we wait for Round 1 we bring you our final Real DreamTeam teams as a guide, to discuss, debate and compare.

These teams relate specifically to the Real Dreamteam game found at dreamteam.virtualsports.com.au
For AFL Fantasy final teams, please stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

Last Minute Changes

Of course we will all make last minute changes based on final team announcements as they occur, so no doubt there will be small changes to the below teams, but this mostly effects the rookies we select, and mostly only the bench.


There is no perfect team, if there was we’d all have it.
Instead… we have tried to help everyone all preseason with our cheatsheets to help get structures right, the bargains and the rookies, along with the players we should all be locking in to our teams.

If you missed any of these cheatsheets, have a quick read here.

Justo’s Real DreamTeam

I have been fighting hard to get my structure right. Every extra $ spent, requires a $ taken away elsewhere, and it is so important to understand the importance of Sacrifice and Cost/Benefit predictions.

The obvious area of sacrifice has been my rucks, aided by Sandilands as a cheap R2, and taking no premo ruck into R1, selecting Hickey instead. This is the cheapest ruck line I have ever started with and while it scares me, it provided the extra $200k cash i needed – to boost both my defense and forward line structures, eventuating with Swallow and Caddy joining my side. Sacrifice much worthwhile in my opinion.

Downgrading Dustin Martin was also a sacrifice i had to make to get the $ for Caddy at F5. I have no doubt Gunston will be a strong and consistent scorer, but he’s no Dusty, so I will be looking with urgency to upgrade someone to Martin mid season.

Finally, my initial two midfield guns – Barlow and Rockliff were swapped to the slightly cheaper Watson and Liberatore who I expect to score premo scores weekly. There is still a chance I will swap Watson to Fyfe prior to Lockout… as I think Liber and Fyfe might be the two midfielders ready to explode in 2014.


Very happy with the structures. A few last minute player swaps possibly, but the structure is set and good to go.

justo dt r1

Baker’s Real DreamTeam

Taking a similar structure, Baker also opted for the value ruckline, picking Grundy as his R1, believing he is likely to have a higher output over the first half of the season than Hickey.

Baker swears that this is the year Pendles will rise to the top of the DT boards and was willing to sacrifice the extra mid-priced defender to keep Pendles in at M3. This strengthens the mid, and brings Laidler on field in his defense alongside McDonald.

Up front he has run a similar structure with Dangerfield and Mitchell, leaving out Martin. Gunston was no surprise since Baker is an avid Hawks fan, and he is banking on the experience of Chapman over the uncertainty of Wright for the F4 spot.


A similar team structure with more money pumped into Pendles and Grundy holding out the extra mid priced player. I know it was devastating for Baker to leave Birchall out of his team and I imagine he will be his first upgrade target sometime before the byes.

baker dt r1

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2 thoughts on “2014 Real DreamTeam teams revealed.

  1. 2 good teams with 2 different structures.

    DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Simpson, Swallow, Suckling, McDonald, (Langford, Georgiou)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Cotchin, Polec, Ellis, Crouch (Dunstan, Cunningham)

    RUC: Cox, Sandilands (Dericx,Thurlow)

    FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Gunston, Caddy, McDonough, JKH (Merrett, Impey)

    Cash Remaining: $38,500

    Gone without Tyson and Michie as they’re too expensive and am happy with my other rookie midfielders. Will bring in Tyson if he bangs in some big scores first few rounds. Lemme know what you think, thanks

    • Hey great team!
      Be cautious of all those fwd rookies… tentative positions, low scorers when they are picked. You’d hope 2 of the 4 will play each week but its very uncertain still.
      No Gary Rohan? His job security is strong at least.
      Cunningham is the only other concern. His nab form is great and I know the DTtalk boys love him… but squeezing into the midfield of Sydney is a genuine challenge… im not convinced on him playing regularly but if he does play – he will score well! Its the risk. Michie and Tyson are certain midfield full game starters. Youll pay more but have certainty of game time and price rise.
      Overall an awesome team and like everyone including me… we are just awaiting those teams to be picked!
      Goodluck for the season!!

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