2014 Cheatsheets and FullTeam Reveal

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We have now released all of our Dreamteam & Fantasy Cheatsheets over the past 10 days.

But as with every season, there are last minute changes and additions that need to be addressed, so here is a total wrapup of our DT/Fantasy Cheatsheets with some additional thoughts… and then we finish up with my full personal Fantasy team as it stands right now for you all to see!!!

If there is one article to read this preseason… this is it…


cheatsheet def
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Updates and Thoughts

Hibberd – Caution here, as a possible hamstring strain might see him miss round 1.

Kolodashnij and Fuller – Both missed both NAB cup matches and at this stage will both find it tough to start Round 1.

Langford – Looked brilliant through the NAB cup with 66 pts and 101pts, lining up at centre bounces and is poised to take over the tagging role from Liam Shiels at the Hawks. If named for Round 1, would be a great rookie bench option of your defense at only F$135k.

Georgiou – At only F$115k its hard to ignore this rookie at the Dees, who knocked out 70pts and 55pts across the two NAB cup matches. With doubt on Fuller and Kolo he might be one to watch when teams are named for your D8 bench spot.

Griffiths – With injury to Maric, Griffiths is a genuine chance to be rucking for the Tigers Round 1, and considering he can be picked as a F$135k defender, who had scores of 60pts and 66pts through the NAB Cup, he is another good option to replace Fuller or Kolo in your Round 1 team.


cheatsheet midF
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cheatsheet midDT
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Updates and Thoughts

Mid Price Pick – A few additional options have emerged as genuine mid priced picks, to join Thomas, Ellis and Murphy. With Langford tagging at the Hawks, Liam Shiels at F$343k has been freed up through the NAB cup to show his 2011 form pumping out 122pts and 114pts to capture the fantasy worlds attention once again. Jackson Macrae has also exploded through the NAB Cup as a F$344k mid priced 2nd year midfielder, pumping out 92pts and 129pts and followed it up with a best on ground performance in a practice match.

Dunstan – Looks like a rookie lock for the Saints in their starting midfield.

Crouch – As strong as his NAB form has been, we are not sure he is best 22 for the Crows, fighting Kerridge, Grigg and his brother for a spot. Caution picking him here. James Aish from the Lions looks a certain starter on the wing and could be a nice replacement here.


cheatsheet ruc2
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cheatsheet ruc1
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Updates and Thoughts

We originally positioned to options for the Ruck department, allowing for some flexibility to support building the other positions in the team. We did this hoping that the NAB matches might make a few things clearer with the ruck role at the Saints, with Grundy at the Pies and with some rookies. To be honest we are not too much clearer. Here are some points to think about…

Sandilands – Is an absolute lock at R2 regardless of your Ruck strategy. He is fit and imposing and will score well. Lock him in.

Gun+Value+2Rookies – Still the safest option, and more suited to the DreamTeam game. Picking one gun ruckman that you can set and forget about for the season alongside Sandilands is the best bet here, with a dozen options who could fill the role. Lobbe was our pick but preseason form and the return of Renouf scares us a little. Still have him in at the moment.

3Value+1Rookie – Provides a bit more flexibility for the Fantasy teams. With Sandi locked in, you would be looking for another value ruck option who will play as their teams #1 ruck spot. Grundy at the Pies is a likely option who could move his avg from 70 to 80. Mcintosh showed strong NAB form for the Cats but is set to share the role. Likewise Hickey is set at the Saints as the #1 ruck but will share a lot of this role with Longer. A safe bet here would be taking Grundy, Sandi and the cheaper Longer on the bench with 1 rookie at R4… or two rookies on the bench only if you feel safe with Grundy.

RookiesThurlow is poised to debut for Essendon, Currie should see an occasional game for the Kangas and Derrickx stood out at Sydney as their backup rookie ruck option. Probably rank them Derrickx, Thurlow, Currie in that order.

Our DT pick at this stage – Lobbe, Sandi, Derrickx, Thurlow

Our Fantasy pick at this stage – Grundy, Sandi, Derrickx, Thurlow


cheatsheet fwd
(Click to enlarge)

Updates and Thoughts

Most teams should be locking in a number of midfielders through their forward line. Dangerfield, Martin look like locks here.

Tom Mitchell – This kid is ridiculously good for a youngster and is easily in the Swans best 22, and in fact should play mostly through the midfield with some time up forward. Unless injury strikes him down, we are recommending locking him at F3.

Gunston – Is set for a big season, as the Hawks #1 target inside 50. He is a roamer and can run up the ground and then right back to the goal square. He kicks goals and will be a strong scorer this season. If you are scared of spending the big bucks on Martin as well as Danger, and perhaps want a cheaper option… Gunston at F$415k is probably the one.

Franklin – Underwhleming is an understatement. I think we all expect more than what he has shown preseason. Dont write him off. He is buddy. He can do incredible things. But until we see him do it in Sydney, we are staying away from picking him for Round 1. Would feel much safer with gunston in the team.

Wright and Caddy – Seriously pay attention. These two could be the forward picks of the year. Both have lit up the NAB Cup with incredible midfield displays. Wright has been taggin for the past few seasons and when let loose always shows huge scoring potential. This year with some injuries at the Crows and a few places opening in the midfield, it looks like it could be his year. Caddy is the same. He should see almost exclusive midfield time and plays just like Selwood does. He is poised to make the permanent move into the midfield so dont miss out if he does. As mid-priced players, Id be giving them both a crack ahead of Chapman, Zorko, Pavlich or other underpriced forward options.

Rookies – at this stage you can rule out Garlett, Taylor and probably Honeychurch who all look like they wont see early games. Bourke looks a starter for the Lions and Kersten if he can get fit should play for the cats in place of Podsiadly. Kennedy-Harris is the other smokey for the F8 spot, if he can find a regular game for the Dees.


The greatest thing about Dreamteam and Fantasy is that there is no right or wrong. There is no black and white. There is so much chance and luck that relates to injuries and matchups, that all the planning in the world cant give us a definitive. And if it did… we’d all have the same starting teams.

In saying that that i must make 2 points…

1) Cheatsheets provide structure!

the purpose of our cheatsheets here at DTFML is to significantly help dreamteamers to pick a strong starting team that will be competitive early in the season, and still make money so that it is competitive later in the season. Treat them like a guide as to how to pick a team, not necessarily who to pick in your team.

2) Your unqiue picks are so important!

Every year a number of players that dont make our cheatsheets rise to the top and give those dreamteamers who had faith in picking them some great rewards. This year I am super keen on Caddy, Wright, Hibberd, Fyfe, Liberatore, Lobbe and Tom Mitchell. You might be more excited about Cotchin, Dale Thomas or picking McVeigh as a defender this year. Perhaps you think Pendles might finally be the DT #1 player and Swanny might be starting a decline. Rockliff is a fan favourite and will feature in many teams, yet others think Barlow is the safe bet and others think Masten is set to explode at WC.

Just remember to sprinkle a few of your favourites AND a few of your predictions through your team to make it your own! It will be a more enjoyable DT season if you do.

Here is my Fantasy team as it stands just for your reference…

team justo fantasy 1
(click to enlarge)

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