2014 DreamTeam Midfield Cheatsheet

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Here it is… the resource everyone keeps asking for… THE DREAMTEAM MIDFIELD CHEATSHEET !

This year with two primary competitions we will be providing TWO CHEATSHEETS separately, one for AFL Fantasy and one for The Real DreamTeam.


cheatsheet midDT

(Click on thumbnail pic above to Enlarge CheatSheet)

2 UBER PREMIUMS – As with your Fantasy side, starting the season with 2 of the big 4 is critical as you will be chasing your tail to raise enough money to upgrade to more than 2 of these guys through the season. Take your pick… Swan, Ablett, Johnson or Pendles. Lock in your 2 faves and you have the start to a great midfield!

1 LOCKDayne Beams is a premo midfielder and may well join the uber premiums this year. He is significantly under priced and must be locked into your starting team.

2 PREMIUMS – Filling out your midfield with 2 more premo players will form a formiddable team that your mates and competitors will fear. In Fantasy you can be a little more experimental here, with people like Fyfe and Cotchin good examples of some players we hope will become true Premo’s. But in DT, picking from the reliable Rockliff, Watson, S.Selwood or Barlow would probably be your best bet here. Who ever you pick now should be in your team at the end of the season, but it is hard to go wrong here. Note: Joel Selwood would have made the cut here as my first premo pick, but injury sees him off the list for Round 1.

2 ROOKIE REGS – Unlike the Fantasy team where we use our extra salary cap to drop in a mid pricer, in DT we jump straight to the huge range of midfield rookies that are priced fairly and lowly and are ripe to make us the big bucks. The two we play on field really need strong job security and while there is the chance they wont score the absolute highest, there are two guys who are locks for their team every week. Viv Michie and Jack Martin are locked in.

1 BARGAIN – With so many cheap rookies it is hard to justify many existing players in our starting midfield. The cheapest options of Ellis and Polec in Fantasy come with a $30k+ price premium on top which makes them non-certainties. Dom Tyson comes significantly more expensive again which makes it tough to choose. I’ll be taking Polec myself, but Tyson, Jack, Beams and X.Ellis could all fill this role.

2 ROOKIES –  Plenty of good rookie options for Round 1 there are two certain midfield starters that looked solid in preseason and are set to get serious game time. I tip Crouch will start for the Crows and Dunstan will make an immediate impact for the Saints so at this stage they are locked and loaded. There are others to look at in case one doesnt make the Round 1 teams, including Honeychurch, Aish, Taylor and maybe Sheed.

cheatsheet midDT

(Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)

Thanks guys, i know its the most important CheatSheet of the preseason, so we hope it gives you a hand.


Check the AFL FANTASY MIDFIELD CHEATSHEET for advice on the other form of the game.

Check the RUCK CHEATSHEETS and FORWARD CHEATSHEETS if you missed them.

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