2014 AFL Fantasy Midfield Cheatsheet

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Here it is… the resource everyone keeps asking for… THE AFL FANTASY MIDFIELD CHEATSHEET !

This year with two primary competitions we will be providing TWO CHEATSHEETS separately, one for AFL Fantasy and one for The Real DreamTeam.


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2 UBER PREMIUMS – Starting the season with 2 of the big 4 is critical as you will be chasing your tail to raise enough money to upgrade to more than 2 of these guys through the season. Take your pick… Swan, Ablett, Johnson or Pendles. Lock in your 2 faves and you have the start to a great midfield!

1 LOCKDayne Beams is a premo midfielder, any day of the week, and may well join the uber guns this year. He is significantly under priced and must be locked into your starting team.

2 PREMIUMS – Filling out your midfield with 2 more premo players will form a formiddable team that your mates and competitors will fear. Pick 2 of your favourites, from a list including players like Barlow, Rockliff, S.Selwood and Griffin. Think about cheaper options like Fyfe, Masten, Watson or Cotchin too. Who ever you pick now should be in your team at the end of the season, but it is hard to go wrong here. Note: Joel Selwood would have made the cut here as my first premo pick, but injury sees him off the list for Round 1.

1 MIDPRICER – Before fading away to our cheap rookies and bargains, there is room this season for one midpriced player to slot into the midfield. This player must be someone who can jump into the 90’s average and will be a launching pad to upgrade to a true premo at the midpoint of the season. Brandon Ellis is about 20 pts underpriced and should see a 90 avg in the midfield for the Tigers. Dale Thomas at his new club comes significantly discounted as he returns from injury and is the most likely for this spot due to his lower price. Teammate Marc Murphy is ridiculously cheap for a midfielder we all know can pump out 100’s at ease.

1 BARGAIN – Three players stand out here, including Dom Tyson who is set to explode through the midfield at the Dees. Claye Beams is coming back from injury at the Lions and has all the potential to follow his brothers footsteps. Brandon Jack looks set this preseason to break into the best 22 for the Swans and if he does, should see a strong price rise. Tyson is the best pick at this early stage of the preseason.

1 ROOKIE – Plenty of good rookie options for Round 1 but AFL Fantasy pricing puts most out of calculation in 2014. The Dreamteam midfield cheatsheet will give more detail on the rookies because there will be 4 or 5 in that team. For Fantasy we need to fill this spot with the one rookie who will rise in price the most, so expensive starters like Jack Martin or Viv Michie might not fit the bill here afterall. I tip Crouch will start for the Crows and Dunstan will make an immediate impact for the Saints.

2 BARGAIN LOCKS – An absolute no brainer for the midfield bench, with established players Jared Polec and Xavier Ellis both coming in at below-rookie-pricing for about $135k and will both play for their respective teams. Polec looks set to run off the wing for the Power and Ellis will no doubt run around the back of the packs, streaming from the back flank setting up play for the Eagles with his precise kicking. Unless something drastic happens, there’s your bench. Put the (E) on Polec.

cheatsheet midF

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Thanks guys, i know its the most important CheatSheet of the preseason, so we hope it gives you a hand.

Check the DREAMTEAM MIDFIELD CHEATSHEET for advice on the other form of the game.

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