Dreamteam Ruck Cheatsheet

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DT CheatSheets are back!

Today we give you two great structures for your Ruck department to choose from, as we continue our 2 week campaign to help all DT’ers setup their initial team.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see the following:

  • Mon 24th – Ruck Cheatsheets v1
  • Wed 26th – NAB Review 2
  • Fri 28th – Full Team Reveal
    (with all of Justo, Baker, Jackal, PE Teacher and Glenn’s Full Preseason Teams)
  • and more to come including midfielders as we approach Round 1.

So here we go with our Ruck department…


cheatsheet ruc1  cheatsheet ruc2
(Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)                                    (Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)

That’s right…. TWO ruck cheatsheets today.

Check them both out and pick the option that fits best into your budget… as there could be up to $100k in difference.


The strategy here is to take no gun ruckman into the starting lineup, with 2 value picks on field, and a third backup value pick on the bench alongside a base priced rookie.

3 VALUE PICKS Sandilands, Grundy and Hickey are the three key choices here, although Longer might also find some game time, is a fair bit cheaper and is a bench option.

1 ROOKIE – A couple of rookie rucks might see some early game time this year, with Thurlow from the Bombers, Currie at the kangas and one of the Sydney boys with Derickx most likely here, not Nankervis as the cheatsheet shows.


If we are lucky we will see a couple of rookies look likely, in which case we can park two rookies on our bench to save some pennies and upgrade one of the value rucks on field into a premium gun ruckman that you can rely on all season.

1 GUN – Lots of choices here, from Cox and Minson, to popular picks Kreuzer and Leuenberg, club switchers in Mumford and McEvoy or even up and comers Lobbe and Naitanui. Pick one you can bank on for the season.

1 VALUE – Sandilands has to be the lead option here, but in case he doesnt pull up… don’t write off Grundy who is the new #1 big man at the Pies and Hickey who looks set to own the Saints #1 role also.

2 ROOKIES – Thurlow, Currie and Derickx seem most likely but sit back and wait to see who gets named for Round 1. Someone will also have to ruck for richmond with Maric injured for round 1.
To be honest it might be best to sit back and make the choice between the two structures at the last minute, but i am strongly leaning towards triple value… with all of Hickey, Sandi and Grundy likely to rise significantly in value and provide suitable scores along the way.

cheatsheet ruc1  cheatsheet ruc2
(Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)                                    (Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)

Well into the 2nd week of NAB we will take you on a review of what you missed out, with scores and tips for who’s likely for Round 1.

6 thoughts on “Dreamteam Ruck Cheatsheet

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  2. thoughts please on this team? anywhere that needs obvious improvement?

    I like to be a different to the norm. First time playing DT!

    DEF: Mitchell, Hanley, Suckling, R.Shaw, Brodie Smith, J Trengove (McDonald, Laidler)
    MID: Swan, Beams, Jack, Ellis, Rockliff, Thomas, Tyson, Cunningham (Polec, Beams)
    RUC: Goldstein, Sandi (Thurlow, Currie)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Martin, Caddy, Wingard, Bock, Wright (Rohan, Daniher)

    +27,000 remaining cash.

    • Great team. Bock doesnt look like he’ll play until round 3 so maybe swap with a rookie like bourke or kersten… or bench until he’s back. I really like cunningham but not sure he will make the best 22… be prepared if he isnt named in round1 to swap him for Dunstand or Michie maybe, or even brandon jack. Jack trengove is my only other concern. Overall a great team and I am sure you will do well early… and generate some cash to upgrade to stay competitive. Nice work. Goodluck!

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