Dreamteam Forward Cheatsheet

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DT CheatSheets are back!

Everyone is constantly asking us for our famous Cheatsheets so here we go on a 2 week campaign to help every dreamteamer out picking an established team.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see the following:

  • Fri 21st – Forward Cheatsheet v1
  • Sat 22nd – Ruck Cheatsheets v1
  • Sun 23rd – NAB Mid-point Review
  • Wed 26th – Full Team Reveal
    (with all of Justo, Baker, Jackal, PE Teacher and Glenn’s Full Preseason Teams)
  • and more to come including midfielders as we approach Round 1.

So here we go with FORWARDS v1…


cheatsheet fwd
(Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)

LOCK – Make Patrick Dangerfield the first forward you choose at F1.

2 PREMIUMS – Not as many gun forward to choose from this year with certainty. Look at key forwards like Franklin, Riewoldt and Roughead or some mid/fwd’s like Martin and Tom Mitchell.

2 VALUE PICKS – A number of good value options up forward this year, with Chapman at the top end through to Fasolo at the cheaper end. Caddy could be an underpriced breakout contender who should play mostly in the mids for Geelong. Clarke is great value if he is fit and Zorko could bounce back.

1 BARGAIN – When established players return from injury at a cheaper price than a rookie, you know you have a true DT bargain. Gary Rohan should ceratinly start for Sydney in the forward pocket, and while Bock wont play Round 1, he is set to return to GC in Round 3 or 4 and must be looked at then.

2 ROOKIES– Plenty of options but little certainty at this stage who looks like playing. Kersten, Bourke and Kennedy-Harris look likely starters for Round 1. Billings might be too expensive despite obvious class. Honeychurch and Taylor are the two id watch the most, as dual position mid/fwd picks.
cheatsheet fwd
(Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)

With a number of value picks and some uncertainty with the rookies, make sure to check out our RUCK CHEATSHEETS Tomorrow!

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