Dreamteam CheatSheets are back!

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DTFML CheatSheets are back!

Last year we received overwhelming amounts of positive feedback about how we shared our format of DreamTeam / Fantasy Cheatsheets with everyone for the first time, so we are bringing them back for everyone to see and use once again!

In the coming weeks you can expect to see the following:

  • Wed 19th – Defender Cheatsheet v1
  • Fri 21st – Forward Cheatsheet v1
  • Sat 22nd – Ruck Cheatsheet v1
  • Sun 23rd – NAB Mid-point Review
  • Wed 26th – Full Team Reveal
    (with all of Justo, Baker, Jackal, PE Teacher and Glenn’s Full Preseason Teams)
  • and more to come including midfielders as we approach Round 1.

So here we are to kick off the year with DEFENDERS v1 and our shortcut guide to picking a strong defense to start the season!


cheatsheet def
(Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)

LOCK – Make Sam Mitchell the first defender you choose for D1.

2 PREMIUMS – Plenty of fun defenders to fill the D2 and D3 spots. Look at dual position players like McVeigh and Bartel, reliable old-timers like Enright or new stars like Hanley, Simpson and Hibberd. Pick two of these guys for now, the rest you can upgrade to throughout the season.

2 VALUE LOCKS – At this early stage of the year we are blessed to have both Swallow and Suckling underpriced and perfect to fit into our D4 and D5 positions. Swallow is set to play midfield exclusively for GC this year, and Suckling returns from a season ending injury in 2013.

1 ROOKIE LOCK – Looks like Luke McDonald is going to walk into the Round 1 Kangas team and should be locked into your D6 position if so. Watch Kolodashnij if McDonald doesnt make the cut for some reason.

2 ROOKIES/BARGAINS – The key players for the bench will probably be Kade Kolodashnij if he can get fit for Round 1 and Matthew Fuller if he can slot into a Bulldogs defensive post. These rookies are the most likely of a small bunch in 2014.
cheatsheet def
(Click to Enlarge CheatSheet)

With less guns, plenty of bargain picks, some risky injured players and no certain rookies… make sure you check out our FORWARD CHEATSHEET this Friday 21st!

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