NAB Week 1 DreamTeam / Fantasy

Havn’t had time to watch every NAB game so far?

Here is a wrap-up of the Fantasy/Dreamteam winners and losers from the first few games along with some news and updates on rookies, bargains and injuries that should be considered when picking your team.

nab cup

Geelong 102 def Collingwood 100


  • Rookie Broomhead (mid/fwd)  suffered a broken hand and is out of DT contention
  • as with Freeman (mid) with a hamstring.


  • Taylor Adams 116 DT pts in the midfield might not be replicated when Swanny comes into the team, and Pendles plays a full one.


  • Beams looked terrific for 115 pts
  • Enright strong with 36 touches and 10 marks for 128 pts
  • Stokes had 39 touches for 117 pts
  • Sidebottom 117 pts
  • My smokey Josh Caddy filled a Selwood-like midfield role for a strong 84 pts


Hawthorn 154 def Brisbane 23


  • Brisbane’s season


  • Zorko did little to impress
  • Rookies Lewis Taylor and Dayle Garlett didnt get a run and as mid/fwd’s both went from high on watchlist to maybe needing to worry about later in the season


  • Brisbane midfield rookie James Aish scored 66 pts in a game where they were slaughtered
  • Teammate Jordon Bourke scored 69 pts and is on the forward rookie watchlist now
  • Sam Mitchel looked at home for 120 pts
  • Matt Suckling looked good on return for 77 pts
  • McEvoy was terrific for 93 pts and is a genuine premo ruck contender this year
  • Roughead and Gunston both showed plenty and should be watched carefully


Melbourne 98 def Richmond 84


  • Cotchin did little to earn a call up to start the year, despite is bargain price
  • Vince’s 105 pts came from zero attention all night, freedom he wont get in real season
  • No Clarke or Hogan lining up for Melbourne… are they going to be right for Round 1?


  • Terlich showed his form from last year for 90 pts
  • Viv Michie was terrific for 87 pts and is high on watch list for Round 1
  • Martin playing off half back was interesting, 86 pts (2nd highest for Tigers) and played out most of the game
  • Deledio looked damaging and top scored for Tigers
  • Forward rookie Jay Kennedy-Harris racked up a very quick 69 pts with 3 goals and should play round 1
  • Dom Tyson looked good enough to remain on watchlist at his bargain price and is set to break out still


Carlton 100 def NorthMelbourne 93


  • Dale Thomas aint playing NAB isnt a good sign for his return
  • Dan Currie’s 33 pts did nothing to tell the coaches to get him in the kangas lineup
  • Murphy also did little to help his DT selection, with 62 pts


  • Rookie mid/def Luke McDonald is set to debut Round 1 after a great showing with 22 touches, 5 marks and 73 DT pts.
  • Ziebell was incredible and tackled like a wrestler for 147 pts
  • Bastinac was too with 31 touches for 126 pts


Adelaide 119 def PortAdelaide 59


  • Polec ran off the wing and through the midfield for Port on his way to 87 pts, but whether he fits in the midfield when Boak, Ebert, Cornes and Gray return is to be seen.


  • Dangerfield looked silky smooth in limited time and stays in my forward line
  • Rookie midfielder Matt Crouch knocked up 78 pts from 23 touches and 6 tackles and could certainly play Round 1 but how he fits exactly when all mids are playing is yet to be seen also
  • Matthew Wright dominated with 36 touches and 135 pts, in similar fashion to last year’s NAB cup… can he follow through into the real season?
  • Douglas knocked out 100 pts and was impressive
  • Rookie Jarman Impey should still be watched as a possible bench rookiue forward spot for our DT’s


Gold Coast 90 def Essendon 89


  • Interviewed during the game, Dion Prestia said that Nathan Bock wont be ready until Round 3 or 4 so take him out of your starting teams!


  • Kolodashnij didnt play due to a tight hamstring which screams Caution!! at me, but GC seemed optimistic he’d play next week.
  • No Chapman playing either


  • Ablett did enough for 98 pts to say “yep pick me im gonna be incredible again” with some amazing bursts from the centre square and a game winning point
  • Zaharakis was literally everywhere for 43 touches and 145 DT pts.
  • Hibberd was the go to man out of defense for 108 pts
  • Swallow scored 92 pts and played mostly through the midfield, backed up by comments from Pretia and McKenna that this is where we will see him this year, could be a bargain defender for our DT’s
  • Stanton was incredible in the first half with 76 pts at half time, and cruised through the 2nd half.
  • Jack Martin was ok. He is way too light to play exclusively through the midfield and comments through the broadcast indicated he will play outside and up forward mostly. He admitted himself that in a few years he should slot into the midfield. His 62 pts were flashy and sporadic and there is no doubt he has potential, but on the edge of caution and watch here, rather than lock him in
  • Rookie Ruck Fraser Thurlow showed enough to suggest he could play backup to Ryder in some games this year. Watch his next match.

Overall Lessons

1 – Jack Martin might not be the lock we thought he was. At his price, we expect a lot, and if he isnt in the midfield he may not be able to deliver it.

2 – The value mids (Cotchin, Murphy, Thomas) didnt show us anything to make us pick them.

3 – There are a few rookies not firmly on the radar that we need to watch… Kennedy-Harris and Bourke are two of these, one of which might help replacing Bock in our side.

4 – Think we can safely lock in a handful of players such as… D.Beams, Ablett, Suckling, Dangerfield and S.Mitchell without any fears.

5 – Melbourne might provide plenty of value, with Kennedy-Harris, Viv Michie and Dom Tyson all likely picks.

6 – Some serious premo breakout contenders exist with Zaharakis, Ziebell and Bastinac firmly on the radar!

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