AFL Fantasy PreNAB Cup Team

Over the past 8 weeks we have given you some starting points to forming your AFL Fantasy team. If you missed these, take a moment later today to go back and have a read of the following bits n pieces that will give you a huge headstart to making  your team.

To celebrate the start of the NAB cup, we are sharing our pre NAB Cup team and structure today. We will follow this up each week with an update to our teams for you all to see, and hopefully we can all be comfortable with our teams for Round 1.

NOTE: In AFL Fantasy, Round 1 is a freebie… a round where you can pick a team just for that week and then make as many changes as you like for Round 2. The following team is our first stab at a Round 2 team.


1 Lock – Sam Mitchell – A midfielder and DT gun available in defense for the first time. Reliable output. Must have.

2 Guns – Here you can pick 2 of your favourite defensive guns. Look at players like Bartel, McVeigh, Enright, Hibberd, Shaw, Hanley or Simpson.

2 Value – Matt Suckling is a lock here, and players like Birchall, Swallow or youngster Docherty could be a good fit.

2 Rookies – 3 key picks to choose from here, with Kolodashnij our favourite, with Fuller and McDonald genuine options to play.

1 Bargain – At this stage a cheap Laidler is probably your best bet if he can break into the starting Sydney defense.

prenab fan def

A few concerns at this stage… having 3 hawks is one… having an expensive rookie on the bench another… and having laidler when he might not play another. No matter for now… it is the structure that i am happy with, and while defense has a slight over investment early, it allows the rookie and bargain heavy midfield to generate cash while the backline holds up strong.


1 Lock – Dane Swan – He is a fanatsy legend and is in ripper shape and will be your captain every week.

2 Guns – Big list to choose from here, so pick the 2 guns that you feel most comfortable with that will be in your team the whole season. Look at players like Ablett, Watson, Barlow, Pendlebury, Rockliff etc. The others will no doubt end up in your team, but really start with just 2 of these guys for now.

1 Bargain Gun – Dayne Beams – Lock him in.

1 Value – Plenty of value mids to choose from here, but Ellis and Thomas are the two that most people will be choosing between.

3 Rookies – Plenty of great rookies to choose from this year, with Jack Martin the biggest lock, especially with GC saying publically they wont be easing him in slowly, instead theyll be throwing him into games! Viv Michie is a mega gun rookie from WA who gets his chance in a new look Dees midfield along side Dom Tyson who would be a fine alternative, and Honeychurch as a fwd/mid dual position player can be super handy.

2 Bargains – Plenty of experienced players who are at bargain prices this season. Tyson as mentioned, Polec at his new club, Claye Beams coming back from injury, Ellis over at WCE etc.

prenab fan mid

Biggest concern here is no Ablett. I have no doubt i will find a way to move players around and fit Ablett along side Swan in my starting team but for now I had to choose one and i have gone with Swanny. Looking to see Ellis playing exclusively in the midfield through NAB Cup and whether or not Polec is in contention at Port.


2 Value – Plenty of value options in the Ruck and its worth taking a few risks here with the extra Fantasy trades there to fix any problems. Sandilands is a must have if he lines up for Round 1. Grundy firms as the #1 ruck for the Pies and Naitanui is back for the Eagles and underpriced also.

1 Saint – Either Hickey or Longer are gonna be the #1 ruck for the Saints and both are cheap enough to throw into the R3 spot.

1 Rookie – A few rookies to choose from, with Currie and Nankervis both genuine options.

prenab fan ruc

If there is any doubt at all on Sandilands, this structure will change with 1 gun and 1 value ruck on field, instead of the 2 value pick structure above. Lobbe is firming as a popular ruck gun that still has upside and could slot in instead of Sandi.


1 Lock – Patrick Dangerfield – There will not be a team without him. Especially since he will rest forward, and is a known goal scorer.

2 Guns – With a choice of mids and talls who can fill this roll, look at players like: Martin, Mitchell, Franklin and Roughead.

2 Value – Chappy is well underpriced and an option here, but there are plenty of others fighting for a spot in your team. Look at Clarke, Fasolo and also Caddy who is likely to push into the Cats midfield.

2 Bargains – Returning from injury, its hard to go past Bock and Rohan who are both in their teams best 22 and cheaper than rookie prices.

1 Rookie – Only a few options here at this stage, but Kersten looks set to replace Pods at Geelong. Others to watch are Impey, Honeychurch, Taylor and maybe Garlett.

prenab fan fwd

I dont feel too comfortable starting without Martin, but i simply cannot pass up on Tom Mitchell. He will be our Fantasy captain in years ahead i reckon, and is already looking like a gun fwd/mid we can rely on. Caddy is my smokey keeper for this year, just like Josh Kennedy was for us last season. Chapman is a concern, but should be fine to play until the byes.


Its a good starting point, and will certainly continue to evolve over the next week. With a bit of spare cash up my sleeve I am well set to evaluate the NAB Cup and make changes where necessary.

The key points though are at the top. There are some lockins, some bargains and some rookies that you just gotta get your head around. Hope this article helps.

Enjoy the 1st week of NAB Cup!


prenab fan team

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