DreamTeam Bargains 2014

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DreamTeam Bargains 2014

Every year DreamTeam spits out some bargain players, well underpriced and desperately crying out to be picked in our teams. It may be due to a bad season last year, a bad role they were forced to play, or a severe injury and some time away from the game that leads to these DreamTeamers coming back underpriced and ready for selection.

Lets look at some of the DreamTeam Bargains for 2014, with their DreamTeam prices (DT$) and AFL Fantasy prices (F$) and see if you have the guts to give a few a go in your team this year…?

A Team Planner with our pick of the bargains in their positions, is at the bottom of the article; or click below:
(thanks to Virtual Sports ‘The Real Dream Team’)


MATT SUCKLING – DT$316k F$314k

As discussed already in the “lock em in” article, Suckling is a lock. High uncontested possessions and marks, high kick to handball ratio, kicks goals, his game was made for DT. Averaged 91 and 83 as a defender before season ending ACL injury in 2013. Walks back into Hawks best 22. Well underpriced! Lock him in as your 4th Defender.


The superstar dropped 22 pts below his average last year as the Hawks played around him. At his calibre, as a central part of the Swans lineup this season, we can be confident of seeing those 100pt scores we are used to from Buddy, but it will be interesting to see how he fits into the Swans structure in preseason. Select as your 3rd Forward?


Despite the questions being raised of his fitness and durability, if he is up and running for Round 1, you gotta pick him. Hugely discounted at about 40 points below his expected score, Sandi will be the perfect ruck to cash up to a Leuenberger/Kreuzer mid season. If he’s fit, select him as your 2nd Ruck.

DALE THOMAS – DT$328k F$346k

The standout bargain midfielder, well underpriced due to injury in 2013. Could play forward, midfield or roaming across half back and back under Malthouse will certainly be used to maximum capacity. Expect a 90 pt average, and only priced at 63, so he fills the bill of a high scoring cash cow. Select him as your 5th Midfielder?

NIC NAITANUI – DT$423k F$419k

Groin injury plagued his 2013 season, but if fit, and with cox nearing the end, NicNat will certainly take the #1 ruck spot at WC this year. He is a freak talent with top scoring potential and underpriced. Select him in your Ruck alongside Sandilands?

NATHAN BOCK – DT$180k F$135k

A badly broken leg and complications have kept him out of the GC side over the past 2 seasons, but at rookie price and as a key marking and goal kicking target it would be hard to ignore him if he plays. A genuine cash cow option. Select on your Forward bench?

CLAYE BEAMS – DT$198k F$187k

Injury after 2 rounds in 2013 put BeamsJnr almost cheaper than the top rookies in 2014, despite going into his 4th year with a true breakout on the cards. Select as 6th or 7th Midfielder?

MITCH CLARKE – DT$236k F$213k

After a DT average of 95 pts in 2009, he avg’d 70-75 pts for the following 3 seasons, but injury and only 4 games in 2013 drops his pricing to reflect about a 40. Priced cheaper than top rookies Boyd and teammate Hogan, and should avg 70 in 2014. A fairly safe bet. Select as 5th or 6th Forward?

ALEX FASOLO – DT$239k F$208k

In his 2nd season in 2012, Fas avg’d 73 DT pts, played 24 games and kicked 28 goals, settling into a permanent spot in the Pies team. Injury and only 3 games in 2013 however dropped him back to rookie pricing for this year, and if he slots back into the starting lineup, he could be a temporary cash cow option up forward. Select as 4th or 5th Forward?

GARY ROHAN – DT$176k F$138k

Despite never really making a massive DT impact, Rohan is a 22yo 5th year player who fits in nicely with the Swans style of footy and has elite kicking accuracy in front of goal, #1 at the Swans in fact. If he can just get a preseason in and fit permanently into the Swans forward line, expect him to be a possible cash cow.  Select as 5th or 6th Forward?

XAVIER ELLIS – DT$163k F$135k

A move to West Coast and the big open spaces of Patterson stadium might just give Ellis the chance he needs to return to his 75pt DT avg of 2010 and 2011. Injury has plagued his career but at rookie pricing, if he can get back on field he could be a quick cash cow option over a few rounds. Select as bench Midfielder?

DOM TYSON – DT$250k F$218k

This former top 3 draft pick will get all the opportunity he seeks at the Dees. He can cement a spot in a rebuilding midfield, and with new coach Roos favourably mentioning his composure and decision making in a preseason interview, the spot is his for the taking. Averaged 27 disposals in NEAFL in past 2 seasons. Expect approx 75 pt avg if he gets a run. Select as your 7th or 8th Midfielder?

JARED POLEC – DT$169k F$135k

Leaving Brisbane to join Port Adelaide for more opportunity seems a likely DT story, but he has a lot of competition in that young Port midfield to find a regular spot. Sceptical at this stage and watching his preseason. Maybe select as bench Midfielder?


His DT history is impressive… averaging 90, 81, 79 and 91 from 2009 to 2012, but injury kept him out of the Cats lineup in 2013. He returns cheap as chips, and if fit to play is very hard to ignore. Will lineup in my own DreamTeam next to Sandilands to start the season if he plays preseason. If fit, maybe select as your 1st or 2nd Ruck?

VIV MICHIE – DT$214k F$193k

Last year I interviewed Dave Mundy who said Viv Michie was the rookie at Freo set to explode on the AFL scene. Freo’s midfield (boasting Mundy, Barlow, Fyfe, Crowley and Hill) however all stayed fit and Michie didnt get his chance. He played in the WAFL instead and dominated, won Peel’s best and fairest, was 1st in club for clearances, 2nd for inside 50’s, 4th for total disposals and 3rd for score assists. Needless to say he can play, and has endorsements. As a 22yo ball-winning midfielder, Roosy must surely give him a genuine crack this year at his new team Melbourne. Select on your Midfield bench?


The bolter of 2013’s preseason, he was the name on everybody’s tongue and locked into almost all of our sides. In fact we at DTFML were all about him after watching him live in the NAB cup. It didnt work out at the Lions and he played NEAFL most of the year where he totally dominated – avg of 28 disposals, 7 marks and 2 goals a game. A move to the Pies is probably what he needs to get a chance and show that NEAFL form at AFL level. Watch his preseason again, and see if Buckley has a spot to play him. Select as 5th or 6th Forward?

BILLY LONGER – DT$239k F$194k

Longer dominated the NEAFL in 2013, averaging 45 hitouts per game and 11 touches, but couldnt find a regular spot at the Lions with Leuenberger playing well. A move to the Saints this year could give him the opportunity he needs. Select as bench Ruck?

How does it look?

Here’s a taste of the start of a solid team structure. Just some ideas for you as you put together your own team:


afl dt small: Login now at http://afldreamteam.virtualsports.com.au to start your DreamTeam planning like we have. 

Who are you considering?

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3 thoughts on “DreamTeam Bargains 2014

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  2. Great work, Xavier Ellis should be a lock especially after his promising game against the Dockers although in true Ellis form, he managed to find a way to get hurt. According to the West Coast board on BF, he is earmarked for a role across HBF come round 1 so he should definitely be a starter for all fantasy teams.

    • Thanks mate. Yes as an avid WCE supporter myself I am very bullish about both Ellis and Yeo and of course Simpsons new coaching style with a spare man in defense. Even if Ellis is the sub most weeks, lock him in for the first few rounds.

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