Dream Team and/or AFL Fantasy

dt and fantasy

It was probably just a matter of time… the Real DreamTeam that we have loved for years has split from the AFL and it’s AFL Fantasy branding to create 2 separate DreamTeam games for 2014.

*As if we didnt already spend enough time on our dream teams.

Here’s what you need to know about the two forms of the game:


afl dt

For the past 13 years, the Dream Team game that we have loved and played has been made by Virtual Sports and officially supported by the AFL. This is no longer. In 2014 Dream Team will be delivered by its creators and no longer a part of the AFL website version of the game.

Registering right now (3/1/14) allows you to login and use the team picker to start preparing and playing around with picking a team. This is great fun and a huge advantage to get your head around team structures for 2014.

Why do I want to play it?

* 13 years of history making this the best AFL fantasy game in the market

* Trades are precious – restricted to 30 trades a season as it always had been prior to last season

* Traditional Player Pricing.. no over-inflated rookie prices

* As always, Dream Team begins with the season, in Round 1.

What’s new for 2014?

Rivalries – You can now setup a rivalry against a particular mate, at any time, on any round, head to head! It will track your rivalry history and you can finally determine who is the greatest!

* Player Cards – No longer will you interrupt what you really need to do (captain choice, trade, sub etc) because you have headed to another screen or page. Player Cards now appear layered over the screen.

* Achievements and Badges – In the spirit of the video game tradition of being recognised for your participation, you can now win and collect achievement badges and trophies over dozens of categories to prove you’re the ultimate dreamteamer!

* Player Comparison Tool – You can now load up a couple of players with all their stats for comparison when making important decisions.

–DTFML Verdict —

At this early stage it looks like this is the real deal and the DreamTeam game to play for hardcore players. The VS team is putting together the DreamTeam experience we all want, without the interference of the AFL marketing team (and their new rules). Plus you can log in right now and start creating a team… great job by virtual sports!



afl fantasy

So there are some major changes on the AFL landscape, the biggest being the AFL of course has chosen to (or had to) get a new company to create their AFL Fantasy game for them. Last year saw the introduction of new rules that made the game more player friendly, like the 2 trades per round rule, which received backlash from the hardcore community, but no doubt made the game better for the more casual player. So is the AFL turning its back on the hardcore players and going for the general mass?

Why do I want to play it?

* It is the official AFL Fantasy game with the full backing of the AFL

* Generous trading – two trades every week starting from Round 2, with a total of 42 trades if all are used. This means nailing your team at start of the season isnt quite as necessary.

What’s new for 2014?

Round 1 is a Test Week – This year your team is locked in from Round 2, allowing you to make as many changes to your team after Round 1 (split round) as you like. This creates the opportunity to pick 2 starting teams, one that focuses on maximising scores based on the round 1 matches, and then your actual starting team from round 2 onwards. Player prices will begin changing immediately after round 2, rather than waiting for 3 rounds like in previous years.

* Rookie Pricing Increase – The structure of rookie pricing this year has significantly changed. Pre-listed players (Jack Martin and Jesse Hogan) will receive premium pricing and are the most expensive rookies in the game. As an example, last year Jaeger O’meara cost $108,500 to start with, but this year Jack Martin will cost $268,300!!! Similarly, the price of the top draft picks is significantly higher than previous years. As an example, last year John Patton (#1) cost $183,300 to start with, but this year Tom Boyd (#1) costs $262,900. This potentially removes most of the best rookies from calculation in your starting teams for those using a Guns and Rookies strategy, as they are simply just too expensive.

–DTFML Verdict

At this early stage it looks like the AFL Fantasy game will continue inviting the casual gamers to play, with rules in place to make the game ‘easier’ and more rewarding, while keeping players attention for longer. Despite the public outcry about rookie prices changing, it simply adds a new element to an ever-evolving game. However in the end, the most hardcore players who spend the most time and do the most research will come out on top over the casual players.



At this stage, we plan here at DTFML to support both forms of the game and while there are some pricing, trading and team structure differences, we will certainly post our famous CHEAT SHEETS for both forms to get you a good start for the season, and support both forms of the game with advice right through the season.

dt and fantasy

3 thoughts on “Dream Team and/or AFL Fantasy

    • Hey Ken,

      No doubt we will be having a crack at Supercoach this year, but for us DreamTeam’aholics, we won’t pretend to be experts at Supercoach and blog advice. *we’ll probably do more damage than help hahaha.

      We will share some lessons learned and tips, but there wont be cheatsheets and definitive advice like we offer for DreamTeam and Fantasy.

      Other forms of the game might get a look in, but we will see what is announced.

      DreamTeam and Fantasy is our cup o’ tea here at DTFML.

      Cheers for reading,

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