AFL Dreamteam Round 18 – TRADE TALK

trade talk

Hey DT Coaches,

It’s the home stretch. 2 games left to make finals. How equipped is your team for the run home?

At this stage Break Evens are not that helpful as you need to have your team pretty much complete and looking at good options for bench cover. Injuries and suspensions have hit us all hard the last couple of week. This has forced our hand and mad us trade players we didn’t want to. Unfortunately this week is not different. Jimmy Bartel has caught Stevie J’s aggression and with the loss of Pearce Hanley and Brett Goodes it is not looking good for our defences and now Nic Nat is being rested. Every position is in need of some improvement.

Lets take a look at my Best Buys and those on my Watch List, followed by some guest thougths from Justo on trades in these final 2 weeks…

Baker’s Best Buys

  1. Trent Cotchin – He is in a rich spate of form avg 122 in his last 3 games. His value is going to rise very quickly.
  2. Issac Smith – This speedy hawk has finally found his groove in the team and seems to becoming a premium midfielder that kicks goals.
  3. Jason Winderlich – Rested last week due to general soreness, his last 2 games have been electrifying.
  4. Thomas Nicholls – Good replacement option for Nic Nat.
  5. Mark Hutchings – If he continues to perform could be a good bench cover option for your midfield.

Baker’s Watch List

  1. Dayne Beams
  2. Chris Masten
  3. Leigh Montagna
  4. Nick Riewoldt
  5. Brent Stanton

Justo’s Trade Thoughts

Completely agree with Baker that BreakEvens are less and less important at this pointy end of the year. With only 2 rounds left before finals, it really is time to go for every point possible and make sure of every win. With this in mind there are a few TRADE OUTS that become priority this week and a few TRADE INS that I think are on the cards…


  1. Brett Goodes – Broken bones and the end to his season makes this rookie defender a must to upgrade now.
  2. Hanley Pearce – Broken hand and out for 2-4 weeks, so time to move him on for another gun defender.
  3. Jimmy Bartel – Suspended for 1 week, so if you absolutely need to win this week for a finals spot, then swapping him out this week might be on the cards.
  4. Nic Nat – Plenty of talk for a few weeks now that NicNat needs a rest and is battling injury. With the Eagles almost certain to miss finals now, I doubt they will risk him and he will find himself rested either this week or next. Considering his output is closer to 60 than 100… he should be on the bench and if possible traded out.


  1. Joel Selwood – despite one very bad score when tagged by Crowley against the Dockers, Joel Selwood is in beast mode, with 5 scores over 120 in his past 6 matches (133,126,128,121,132). With 4 of their last 6 games at Simmonds Stadium, GET ON SELWOOD!
  2. Stevie Johnson – if you have been playing the tradein tradeout game with StevieJ, dont underestimate the need to have him back in your team ASAP. Do whatever it takes to get him back in!
  3. Trent McKenzie – a little leftfield here, but not when you see the numbers. This gun defender is only $399k and a perfect upgrade from Goodes or sideswap for Pearce. He has averaged 88 for the season with only 1 score under 75 all year!!! That is super consistent compared to the ups and downs we have experienced with players like Shaw, Gibbs and Birchall this year down back. GC have an easy run home with Melbourne, Stkilda and GWS too.

Good Luck DT Coaches!

2 thoughts on “AFL Dreamteam Round 18 – TRADE TALK

  1. hay there could you help me out I bought in trent McKenzie this week for hanley and nick reweiolt for nic nat but thinking of tradeing staker for say nick o brian next week to give me some cash then trade swoller for steve j would they be ok trades

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