AFL DreamTeam Round15 – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

Hi there, Glenn here to wrap up the round 15 DT scores with the heroes and villains:


Swan: Many people had Gaz as Captain and didn’t see he was out before lockout. Step up VC Swan and a massive 163, doubling last week’s pitiful villainous effort. Just kept going.

Pendles: 33 touches, 9 tackles and a goal after getting a decent knock to the ribs in the 2nd? I’ll take that and the 133 every day of the week!

Hanley: Has had some absolute shockers this year, but bounced back after being left free to run with a big 125.

Leuenberger: Rewarded those that stuck with him with a very tasty 122. Was on fire early in the game to set himself up.

Jelwood: Played a captains game to lead Geelong to their 11th straight win over the Hawks and to keep the “Kennett” curse going.

S.Mitchell: 127. Been a bit down lately, so it was nice to see some good form from the veteran.

ROK: Geez, he’s been great this year! 128. He’s just a tackling machine. A great option if you’re looking for someone in great form and is still reasonably priced.

T.Mitchell: Tommy is scoring like a fantasy pro. Another 104 is just excellent. I played a team this week in one of my leagues who didn’t have him. I laughed. Fair to say if you missed the boat on a player like Mitchell, you’re doing it wrong.

Terlich: Another Rookie doing very well. Another ton and is looking solid in that last defender spot.

Stanton: Got injured, but manfully battled out the game sitting in the forward line to keep the rotations going. Got a 126 copping a Kornes tag too.

Ebert: Brad has been great all year, but slips under the radar. Averaging over 100, but is owned by only 2% of teams. A great POD who is not too expensive if you’re looking for a consistent ball finder. Scored 135.

Goddard: Another must have having a great year at Essendon. Was everywhere and scored 123.



Gibbs: 60. Probably his worst game of the year (besides his injury one). Just couldn’t get near it.

Ellis: Got concussed early in the picture and was subbed off on 18.

Vlastuin: You should’ve traded him already, as it was obvious he had hit the rookie wall. 30 points and a ton of more lost cash is the penalty if you still have him.

Swallow: 26 touches and all he managed was 74……Is capable of going big, but he has a lot of games around the 70 mark.

Jobe: Looks like he broke his collarbone, so its time to trade him. 16 points will see a price drop too and an ouch to your score if you had him.

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