AFL DreamTeam Round13 – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

Well wound 13 wraps up the bye weeks. Mercifully too. That was truly what “FML” is all about!

Looking forward to a full team this week!



Josh J Kennedy: Had a week off during the byes, but repaid those that held onto him with a mighty 131 and a accurate 5.1

Cox: 123. Vintage Cox. Racked em up at will, the 10 marks helped!

Montagna: HUGE score with 146, Melbourne couldn’t get near him and his work rate was immense. Had 20 touches by HT!

Terlich: 100. Important score in these bye rounds, especially with the under performing guns! Potential D6 while you upgrade other spots

Boyd: 152! His work rate shows he is over any injuries and is a decent option for any midfield

Griffen: My new recruit this week and made him the captain. Stoked with a 133

Swallow: tried to carry NM over the line, but to no avail. Only scored 12 in the last, but 123 is a very nice score regardless

Barlow: Quiet early and exploded in the 2nd. Got an injury late, lets hope that it doesn’t keep him out after his 124

SJ: Reliable captains choice with no Ablett or Swan. backed it up with a 132

Bartel: The rumours of him being a late out were greatly exaggerated . 125!

Selwood: He’s back for sure. Another big score after his last game with 121



Birchall: 32. Ugh. Injured. Trade. Goodbye. If you don’t trade him soon, he’ll be worth zero!

Mitchell: The normally reliable Sam has had a quiet few weeks and another 68 hurts when you need your guns to fire most

Franklin: Looked on early, was chasing and tackling hard, but he’s in horrible form and could only get 67

Goodes: Another injury hit score. Could only score 52 before being subbed out with a sore buttock

Hrovat: 15 is a terrible score, even from a rookie and will hurt his cash generation, and may even be dropped

Vlastuin: Was thinking of keeping him, but needs to be traded after hitting the rookie wall and then getting injured on 32. Trade before he loses a lot of cash!

Mundy: Late out during a bye week? Booooooooooooo


Bring on round 14 and a full team!


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