So despite the endless debate and discussion about DreamTeam BYES starting this week, I have noticed an absence of real sound Strategic Advice. This might be the best you’ll get so have a good read and I hope I can help a little.

Do these 2 things first

Firstly, Dont Panic! Only your best 18 scoring players will count this week. Traditionally we need all 22 players on field playing plus 4 emergencies, but this week you can probably get away with 18, 19 or 20 playing on field only. To be safe from a late withdrawal or a surprise low score (like Hanley last week), I think all teams should be aiming for 19 or 20 playing only. Any less you will under score, any more and you are probably disadvantaging your team for the next 2 bye weeks.

Secondly, You will notice your team now has Blue Dots on them if they have the Bye this week. Move as many of them to the bench as possible, and determine how many players you have playing on your field. It will no doubt be between 16 – 22. You will need to Trade this week depending on this number!

21, 22

Your team is fine this week… (i imagine you’ll have dohnuts galore in either Round 12 or 13 then) … and assuming that team selections dont throw out some mega surprises, you actually are in a great position and probably dont have any injured players sitting around doing nothing. You should be able to smash a great score this week, but you need to have an eye on the 2 weeks ahead. This is what my team currently looks like, with 21 playing this week. It’s a strong position, and from 18 players + captain, Im projected for 1900+. That is a very good position to be in.

Trade Focus – You could possibly do some downgrades to players that have Byes this week, minimising your players this week back to 19 or 20, and helping your team for the next fortnight. Two examples of this would be Hrvoat from the bulldogs or Staker from Brisbane. Both players have reasonable job security and will most certainly play rounds 12 and 13. Many of you have a heavy Round 13 midfield, so downgrading a rookie like Omeara or Lonergan (if he is on your bench) to Hrovat could be a good move longer term. Similarly for Staker, a trade of one of your half dozen Collingwood players, such as Dwyer or Kennedy could actually be a better long term move. This will also cash you up so you can make some necessary trades to navigate Round 12 and 13 where you will have more dramas.


Your team hinges on team selection tonight… as you dont have the luxury of spares, and probably have a couple of injured players on the bench along side your Blue Dots. You definitely need team selections to go your way, because 1 or 2 surprise omissions and you are all of a sudden looking at being on or under the needed 18 players. This will be the most common situation for Dreamteamers around the country, so i’ll take some more time breaking down your Trade Options.

Trade Focus 1 – Remove your Triple Bye players

There are a number of players who are injured or not playing that basically represent having 3 byes. These players have to go. Examples would be Lonergan, Viney, Pittard, Rowe and possibly Crouch (who is stuck back in SANFL), Thurlow (not convinced on his job security) or Daw (in poor form and no job security). If you think these players are not going to play for 2 or 3 of the bye weeks, then they need to go. This might not help you this week necessarily, but it will certainly help across the 3 weeks. Some options of who to bring in would be: Tom Mitchell (rnd12 bye), Nicholls (ruck, rnd13 bye), Hrovat or Staker (bye this week but will help rnd12,13), Hutchings (for a cash grab if he is named, rnd12 bye) or Kyle Martin (if you can handle another rnd13 bye).

Trade Focus 2 – The Sideways Gun

Here you have the option of trading a gun player sideways to another gun player who is playing this week. I would recommend only doing this with 1 of your trades, and it would need to be with a disappointing gun who has either let you down considerably (Buddy) or someone set to drop in value due to a recent bad score (Hanley). Here would be some of the most common options:

Birchall / Hanley / Hartlett -> Enright or Hibberd

Buddy / Zorko -> Bartel or Stokes

Cotchin -> Ball or Stanton

16, 17

Your team is in serious trouble this week… because not only do you have a lot of Blue dots (meaning you might have a terrific Rnd12 or 13 ahead), but more likely you also have a few injuries, a few non-players and that is before team selection. It is crisis mode for you. But lets see what you can do

Trade Focus 1 – Remove Triple Bye Players ASAP

As above, find the players who are injured that you are holding onto, and trade them out. Lonergan, Viney, Pittard… these guys have got to go. Read the Triple Bye player advice in the above category.

Trade Focus 2 – Sideways Guns

This is less about trading our your poor performing guns, and more about just swapping to players who are playing! You probably have a few midfield byes, like Cotchin, Barlow or Mundy, so with all respect, swap them sideways to some Rnd13 mids like Pendles or Stanton, and you can always trade them back in 2 weeks time.

Trade Focus 3 – Trade in your AFL Dreamteam for a weekend of something else

In all seriousness if your team has 16 or less players playing, you will want to ‘quickly’ make some trades, and do not look at your Dreamteam for a week. Do not check scores over the weekend, do not follow your game. You are going to get flogged. Go and see some friends, have a BBQ, go see a movie and forget your Dreamteam until next Tuesday and start thinking about Round12.

My Team for Round 11

Yes thats right Im in the green, with 21 available players before trades. Woop! This gives me a bit of luxury of what to do.

My priority trade is to bring in Brent Stanton. He has absolutely dominated this year, and taking out his injury effected score, he is right at the top of Dreamteamers for 2013. He needs to be in my side. Whitfield the unlucky midfield rookie who probably needs to go now.

  • T1 – Whitfield -> Stanton  (most likely, but Kieran Jack is tempting also)

Removing players who arent even getting a game is also on the cards, so Crouch may have to go to make way for a downgrade to either Tom Mitchell, Hrovat, Staker or Hutchings (if he is named for the Eagles). Of course Crouch will hold his spot if named, and perhaps Dwyer will go if he misses another week. We will see how teams play out.

  • T2 – Crouch -> Tom Mitchell

With a bit of cash up my sleeve, i can almost certainly make the two trades i want, so here is just hoping that team selections go ok tonight and I can do as I plan.

round11 bye

I hope that has helped a little bit.

Lets open up some serious discussion below…

  • what is your Round11 Bye Number?
  • what are your planned trades?
  • perhaps we can all help each other with some advice?

6 thoughts on “BYE STRATEGY – Round 11

  1. I am in a similar boat to Justo. Trading out Viney to Crouch and Mayes to Hutchings. Banking cash and ready for a double upgrade next week!

  2. Crouch is in!! Huzzah!

    Blicavs out hurts, especially as he has such a low BE, more money to be made!!!

    Looking like i may have 19 ish players this week. Fingers crossed! Might have to make some “unfavourable” trades to get through and keep the spot near the top of the ladder

    I think baker’s suggestion of downgrades this week and double upgrades to guns from teams who have the bye this week may be the goer…..

  3. Looking at my team sheet hurt my head. I have 19 players playing on the field now, so if we have no late outs, i’m good to go. One late out and i’m flying by the seat of my pants!

    Had to get rid of the Jaeger bomb though due to a lack of MPP (had too many players through the mids and couldn’t switch them out!) and the cash was handy too

    But a big thanks to the young fella. Been a brilliant scorer and freed up some cash to get me another premo with not much of an upgrade needed!

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