AFL DreamTeam Round10 – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

Glenn here to wrap up the heroes and villains for round 10, so who did you over and who helped you out?


Swan: After a few down weeks (by his lofty standards) he bounced back with a big 130

Macaffer: Continues to pump out some very good numbers and is making some serious cash. A lot of people may have dumped him after a few average weeks, but those that held the faith have been repaid with a 105

Kreuzer: Put in a big one with 119. Cheap too, so those that jumped on him from Leuy will be stoked!

Stanton: 149 is massive. The guy just runs and runs and kicks instead of handballs! People who got on him instead of watson would be pretty happy right now

Gaz: Freak! Anyone who saw that goal in the 4th knows what i’m talking about and that aint the first one he’s kicked form there….. 140 points as Captain. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeeeeee

Blicavs: 94 points, This guy has really put in some great performances of late and another big one has seen his price rise significantly and i reckon we’ve got another couple of jumps left. Was ample cover for Leuy on my bench

Griffen: 166 points! wowee. Taught Hamish Hartlett a lesson in how to run. I didn’t see the game, but 40 disposals and 9 tackles is redonkulous!

Mullett: one of the rookies who wasn’t on my radar had another great game to make some more serious cash. 122 points is sweet

Black: Another under the radar rookie who has done very well this year. Couldn’t be stopped in the first quarter kicking 4 goals and ended with 116 points

Petrie: Another North player to feast on the St Kilda carcass. 136 points, but could’ve been so much more if not for a few close misses

S.Selwood: One of few eagles to have a good night. Any time you pull double figure tackles (11), you’re in for a good score with 135



Cloke: Late out with illness? Have a spoonful of concrete!

Moloney: Took a knock to the head and got the red. 24 points

Hanley: No injury excuses, was very poor. Didn’t score after half time. 35. FML

Shaw: 61. Somewhat rescued in the 2nd half, but was under 20 at HT.

Stevens: Koby has managed to go from being one of the highest scorers one week to one of the lowest with a 23. Ouch for those that didn’t start him last week, but put him on ground this week…..Hero to villain really is that easy

Buddy: A villainous swine this year. One of the biggest disappointments of 2013. Those that stayed away will be rejoicing, while the ones with him are crying. Won’t even bother posting his score….

Eagles: All i needed was a 75 or better from Kennedy to win my Eliminator match and the Eagles play like a bunch of pansies after quarter time and can’t get the ball to him. He was on 36 after the first quarter!!! The Eagles don’t need to have any more reasons for me to hate them, but gee whiz they stuffed this one up! I lost my match by 2 points!!! aaarrggghhhhhh FML. That is all.


Glenn out. Hope the rest of you are still alive heading into the first of the bye rounds.


How did you go in Eliminator?

Who are you bringing in this week?

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