AFL Dreamteam Round 10 – in 5 minutes

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Welcome to ROUND 10 and with only a few hours to bounce down, here are all of our TEAMS, TRADES, CAPTAINS and SPORTSBET for the week! Lets start with heaps of DT relevant In’s and Out’s…



  • Mayes
  • Rockliff
  • Leuenberger
  • Dwyer
  • O’hailpin
  • Thurlow
  • Hutchins
  • Lonergan
  • Boyd
  • Colquhoun
  • Byrnes
  • Hayes


  • Karnezis
  • Kyle Martin (rookie)
  • Yarran
  • Tom Mitchell (rookie)
  • Vardy
  • Neade
  • Birchall


  • Chapman
  • Waters


Staker – most popular trade in this week, after 2 good return games and set for price rise, in a team full of injured players and only costs $130k… there is everything to like about this trade. Get him in if you are downgrading in your defense or forward line.

Rockliff – by his own words, if he had an 8 day break this week instead of 6, he’d be playing. Instead he misses this one week, and then has a bye but back him in to be back Round 12 so just bench him this week.

Leuenberger – Out for 4-6 weeks, priority trade out. If you can swing some Dual Position magic and move Roughead/NicNat from fwd line into ruck, it allows you to bring in a gun forward, like Buddy or Stevie J. If he is stuck in your ruck, then an upgrade to Roughead, NicNat, Minson or sideways to Zac Clarke are all good options.

Mayes – Rested. Urgh. Does this mean he will be back and playing in Round 12? I think so. But not sure. High breakeven and a chance to lose money, i think this is the toughest call this week, to trade or not. My call………….. trade him.

Dwyer – Sore groin and in need of a rest makes me worry if he is out for 1, 2 or more weeks. I think he has done a stellar job for Collingwood so far and they clearly have plans for him, so im keeping him as his job security looks higher than Mayes. Lets just hope he aint out for long.

Terlich – Not as badly injured as thought all week. Named on field. Dont trade him unless you have luxury trades to make.

Hutchings – To be honest, with Selwood, McGinnity and Embley all coming back from injury, and Beau Waters to fit in somewhere too, how on earth could Hutchings keep his spot in the team? Exactly. So despite his lure of a quick cash grab, i just dont think you can go there.

Buddy – Bottomed out, plays Melbourne, could score 300 this week. If you were ever gonna get him this year into your team, this is the week. I know his bye is coming up, but you can almost sideways him in for Mayes or Dwyer. Seriously… incredible. Time to bring him in if you havnt.


Herrrrrre’s Stevie!

Absolutely DOMINATES easy teams. His scores on Melbourne, Bulldogs, Port and GWS are embarrassingly good, and this week plays GoldCoast at home. I expect 140. Lock him in.



Try this multi for some fun…

  • Hawks 100+ (over Melbourne)
  • Freo 15.5+ (over Adelaide)
  • Geelong 40+ (over GC)
  • Eagles 25+ (over Richmond at home)

Thanks and Good Luck DreamTeamers!

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