AFL Dreamteam Round 10 – TRADE TALK

Hey DT Coaches,

What a mad round of games for DT scores. An amazing 24 players scored over 120 points this week dramatically dropping there break evens for Round 10. Lots of good buys this week and not too many bad ones to get rid of.

Let’s check out this week’s Good and Bad Break Evens!

trade talk

Good Break Evens for Round 10

Name Team Position



Break    Even

Projected RD 3 Price Change

Projected RD 3 Score

Mark Hutchings Eagles MID $102,700




Brandon Ellis Tigers DEF $382,700




Brad Crouch Crows MID $171,300




Brent Staker Lions DEF/FWD $132,600




Jaryd Cachia Blues MID $211,800




Sam Colquhoun Power MID/DEF $102,700




Aaron Davey Demons FWD $239,000




Will Sierakowski Kangaroos DEF $105,500




Nick Vlastuin Tigers DEF/MID $336,500




Koby Stevens Bulldogs MID $322,500




Jed Anderson Hawks MID $144,800




Jonathan Simpkin Hawks MID $327,900




Jackson Macrae Bulldogs MID $247,100




Jack Gunston Hawks FWD $379,600




Michael Barlow Dockers MID $508,900




Baker’s Best Buys

  1. Mark Hutchings – Not too sure on his job security but if ya want a quick cash injection he could be a good target.
  2. Brent Staker – I would have had him in my team from the start if he hadn’t have got injured pre-season. Great replacement for Mayes.
  3. Brad Crouch – he is a keeper if he actually gets a game. Since he has recovered from his injury he has not been able to get back into the team. Is a great downgrade option.
  4. Sam Colquhoun – Not sure on job security but good for some quick cash.
  5. Will Sierakowski – Same as Colquhoun cash machine, but he has been raved about pre-season.

Baker’s Offloads

  1. Matthew Leuenberger – An injury that could see him out for 2-4 weeks comes at the right time with Roughead firing and NicNat back in the Eagles lineup. Both would be solid upgrades at this point of the year.
  2. Dean Terlich – An even bigger injury to this rookie defender may have ended his DT time early, expecting a possible 4 week absence and at $300k+ it is time to offload! A downgrade to Staker is one option, or if upgrading, looking at Enright, Hibberd or Hanley, or even Gibbs who is back at Carlton would be a terrific option.
  3. Chris Yarran – Great player but his hamstrings break more than religious people break bread. No dice!
  4. Sam Mayes – Its time to let go… his breakeven is too high, he has peaked, he has been used as the sub, its simply time. A slight upgrade to Buddy seems like the perfect trade, or a downgrade to Staker would work nicely too.
  5. Portlets – Got any Port rookies left? Neade? Wines? Stevenson? Heath? Time to go boys.

Baker’s Spotlight

Not much needs to be said about this man. He currently holds the highest average of any player this season and he is up against his old mate Gazza and the Gold Coast Suns. He could score a record this week if he continues with his current form. If you don’t have him in your team, then I would consider planing for next years Dream Team season.


Baker’s Keys to BEs

  1. Look for guns that have under-performed and are on the comeback.
  2. If a player is going to miss his BE and lose substantial money, trade them unless they are part of your long term plans.
  3. Look for rookies that are going to go up in value fast. If one is under-performing, trade them for another rookie that will make you money. No time for sentiment.

Good Luck DT Coaches!

17 thoughts on “AFL Dreamteam Round 10 – TRADE TALK

  1. Yeh i think by Thursday we should know the extent to those injuries to Leuenberger and Terlich, but at this stage i think they both need to go.
    Anyone who held injured players for their 1 or 2 week absence (Gibbs or Chapman) knows that can easily become a month out. Make the trades and move on.

  2. Some more bad news possibly that Rockliff is out for 2 weeks now with a quad injury.
    With Ellis, Leuenberger, Terlich and Rockliff all out injured… trades are becoming more forced than we’d like.

    • What are your thoughts for leunberger? I was thinking minson as he is average well and due for another price rise.

      • From the preseason, i really expected NicNat to explode this season. He was unfortunately injured preseason and missed so many games, but i still expect him to explode. He should outscore Cox for the remainder of the season, and i imagine will be the top scoring Ruck for the 2nd half.
        Secondly, i think Roughead is almost a lock. Especially as a forward/ruck option, i personally am annoyed i dont have him. He has been mighty good this year, and in my opinion should be your second choice.
        After that, i think Minson and McEvoy are probably evenly next on my list. Both have potential to dominate the ruck role at their club, and are averaging well for the year so far. I dont mind the Minson pick, but i worry that someone with Cox+NicNat or Cox+Roughead will outscore you come finals time.

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