AFL DreamTeam Round9 – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

Hi there and welcome to the Round 9 version of Heroes and Villains!

As i sit here and reflect on the round that was, i’m still in my Crows jumper more than 3 hours since the game finished with a big fat smile on my face! Yep, Glenn here to wrap up the weekend…


Gaz: So glad i went Gaz for the C this week. 139 and my Eliminator opponent had Swan. Obviously doesn’t read Dreamteam FML….. 🙂  That’s 3 terrific 130+ captain scores in a row, reminding us why he is a DT god! Averaging 120+ now for the year!

Goodes: Vintage performance. 147 points, 30 touches, 3 goals, 11 marks. The prototype DT game.

ROK: Took a knock in the shoulder in Q1 and still beasted with 136 points. Those who stayed with him have been rewarded with a very consistent year with some very good scores thrown in.

StevieJ: All these plans to get him into my team and he’s still not there. 144 points and SJ is pulling some monsters this year. FML at him not being in my team.

Hutchings: Got the green bib, but a head knock for Dalziell saw him come on early and chop up with 97 points in just about 3 quarters. If his JS was good, he’d be a lock!

Boyd: Best game of the year for him with 144 points. Is he too old to put in your team?

Stevens: Koby played his bets ever game at this level. 31 possies and 3 goals to hit the 139. If you’ve kept him in your team, you have yourself a present of the big score and some major cash coming your way.

Stanton: 144 points and just kept on running. Makes up for his 51 a few weeks back….

Goddard: Everyone has him, but 131 is a great return.

Jobe: 122 is pretty good. Bucks the trend of me bringing players in and them spudding it up. Thanks Jobe.

Buddy: Not a massive score, but he finally tonned up. Very good considering he was dropping the easiest marks veer in the first half. 108? I’ll take it.

Kerridge: 24 touches and 6 goals. Wowee. RS nom locked away and got Adelaide over the line against north by 1. Ouch for north supporters. Very upset i didn’t get on the “Kedge” train, as he’s pulling out some monsters and making some serious cash. 126 points.

Barlow. 149 points. 30 touches. 11 TACKLES! HUGE game from the original “Rookie keeper”.

Mundy: Tonned up by HT and must’ve been spent, as he only scored 29 points after that. HUGE for anyone to make the ton in a half though! 133.

Duffield: Looking like’s he’s the one to bring in to your backline for some scores. Get on him before he passes the 500K mark! 119 is a very nice return.


JPK: Josh Kennedy was tagged out of it by Macaffer. Only 18 touches and couldn’t get near it to end up on a measly 50 points.

Bucks: Stop using Ben Kennedy as a sub and let us make some money!

Thurlow: So many traded him in and then had to use him as emergency when Ellis and Birch pulled out late. 29 points. “Thanks”.

Jelwood: Has been nothing but a shocker since i brought him into my team. AND I had the choice of Selwood or SJ at the time. FMLFMLFML. 75 points after being on 16 inside 3 mins of the game, then gets the vest. Awesome.

Webster: Between Thurlow and Webster, that’s most teams trades into the backline this week and he gets the vest. Nearly outscored Thurlow who played a full game.

Ellis: Late out? Bah for those that have him.

Deledio: Another tag not broken. Cost me massively in the match day game. Don’t have him in my actual DT, he’s a downhill skier!

Lonergan: A lot of people picked him up last week. Subbed off at HT on 22 points in what looked like cramp, but may have been a niggle.

Birchall: late out. The gift that keeps giving he says sarcastically…. In saying that, i had Thurlow as emergency and 29 is Birch’s average for the past 2 weeks anyway….. just about 😉

Daw: 6 points. Those that jumped on after his 6 goal game will be hurting. Its time to jump off after no where near as much cash has been made as you would’ve thought.


And thats that. A pretty big list again this week.

How did you go in Eliminator?

Who are you bringing in this week?


2 thoughts on “AFL DreamTeam Round9 – Heroes and Villains

  1. Yeh I think Gazza has to be our biggest HERO at the moment, with Swanny out of the race for Captain selection for 3 weeks now, to have gazza stand up with 130+’s each week has been a huge relief.

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