AFL Dreamteam Round 9 – in 5 minutes

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Welcome to ROUND 9 and with only a few hours to bounce down, here are all of our TEAMS, TRADES, CAPTAINS and SPORTSBET for the week! Lets start with heaps of DT relevant In’s and Out’s…



  • Neade (rested)
  • Stevenson
  • Waters (quad)
  • Wellingham (ankle)
  • Cooney
  • Kavanagh
  • J.Merrett
  • T.Menzel
  • Z.Smith
  • Bennell
  • M.Walters
  • Toumpas


  • Stevie J
  • Gibbs
  • T.Mitchell (almost… Emergency… but a good sign he might play soon)
  • Heath
  • Colquhoun
  • Hutchings (rookie)
  • Hayes
  • Hrovat (rookie)
  • Maric
  • S.Michael (rookie)
  • V.Michie (rookie – Dave Mundy says WATCH THIS KID!)
  • M.Taberner (rookie)
  • Watts
  • Byrnes


  • Chapman


Portlets – Continue to trade out your Port rookies, with Wines, Neade and possibly Heath being the last 3 most people are sitting on, but its time to let go with their high break evens and low scoring.

Buddy – He has got to be set to explode… didnt go off last week, but improving each week and scary at the thought of how he could destroy either Gold Coast or Melbourne in the fortnight ahead. Its probably time to get on this week.

Watson – the most targetted midfield gun has bottomed out now and ripe for the picking.

Gibbs – he’s back, so if you let go of him 3 weeks ago and have some cash to upgrade a defender, how about bringing him back in to strengthen that backline. Might be worth waiting one more to see how he returns to the blues lineup.

Thurlow / Webster – defender rookies on the bubble and about to increase in value, so this week is the time to jump on. Thurlow could play anywhere from back flank, wing through to forward flank so his job security may be better than we thought. If Rivers comes back in, Thurlow may just shift position, and has been named on the field for Geelong this week. Jimmy Webster is also named on field for StKilda this week and with his elite kicking and the Saints rebuilding, you’d imagine his job security is pretty high also. A 50/50 in my opinion, but get on one of them at least.


Ok, im doing it, its time… a recommendation officially to pick ABLETT as captain this week. He pumped out enormous scores against the Hawks over the past 2 seasons, including a 170+. He is in hot form with back to back 130+’s and with no Bennell in the team, will be forced to run hard and keep GC in the game.

We call him Zeus here at DTFML because he really is a Dreamteam God. Lock him in. CAPTAIN ABLETT.


A tough week for sportsbet last week, with Brisbane upsetting Essendon (WTF?), Geelong going down to the Pies and of course the Draw between Sydney and Freo which screwed us all. Lets be a little less greedy this week and see how we can turn a cheeky $20 into $100+.

  • Freo 40+  (over Melbourne)
  • Hawks 40+  (over Gold Coast)
  • WCE 40+  (over GWS)
  • Essendon 15.5+  (bounce back hard against Richmond)
  • Geelong 15.5+  (over Port)

Combines for a very likely set of favourite results, paying $7 – 1… so a cheeky $20 on this for a $140 return looks good to me.

Thanks and Good Luck DreamTeamers!

5 thoughts on “AFL Dreamteam Round 9 – in 5 minutes

  1. Well the line for the game is 16.5 points to Carlton, so the industry isnt expecting Carlton to easily win, so i see it as a little risky.

    Im taking the risk on Essendon 15.5+, and wouldnt want to combine two risky picks. So taking Carlton at 15.5+ instead of Essendon in the same multi would look pretty good still i reckon.

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