DTFML Derby Chronicles

It’s a rare week when the DTFML writers face off head to head, and this season we will be using these matches to chronicle the UPS and DOWNS and FMLS of playing Dreamteam that you all know so well.

This week… Baker vs Justo.


The Leadup

On a usual week we might talk 20 times before lockout about our own teams, trade options, general DT gossip and footy banter. This week… Zero conversations. A derby like this is serious and there will be no advantages offered to our opponent.

For me (Justo), my team is settled, on the border of top 1000 and no major issues or injuries. I had a clear plan to trade out my Portlets (wines and neade) with the endeavor to do a simple downgrade upgrade double trade, to FINALLY bring Rockliff into the forward line. I had hoped to bring in Lonergan as the rookie downgrade but short in cash meant Ben Kennedy at 102k would be the target if he was named.

For Baker, it was about fixing holes still. I knew he had some injury problems and rookies who weren’t playing (Frost and co) so I was confident his Pregame was far more stressful than my own.

I felt I had the edge.

The Teams

Ben Kennedy named on the field for the Pies and no surprise outs meant I could go ahead and bring in Rocky to complete my forward line. Extremely happy. Everything as planned. A rare week.

Baker playing catchup was still chasing Vlastuin into his defense taking away one trade and I was confident he didn’t have the cash for an upgrade, and hoped a second downgrade to Lonergan would be his other trade… turned out he dumped Pittard and Frost for both Vlastuin and Laird. Two trades that shouldnt have given him an edge at all.

The Last Minute Call

Just before lockout I always enjoy calling Baker with some final words of wisdom, but playing against him i figured i should throw a spanner in his planning. This week it was about a captain choice. Knowing my projected score was higher, and knowing I almost always pick Swanny as my own captain… I knew he’d be chasing the Ablett captain score to get him up. So a quick 5min chat about the Lower and Picken tag to scare him off was my only hope that he’d also lock in Swan. He did.

However in my own last minute I just had to listen to this nagging feeling inside that has been saying Swanny just ain’t right, maybe carrying an injury, and decided Zeus himself, our DT god Ablett was the better choice for captain this week at home at Metricon.

A very last minute change, meant I went with Ablett, and Baker went with Swan.

The Games Begin

Poor scoring from Scooter Selwood set me back from the start of the round while Watson gave Baker a huge start with a 119. Already things are looking tough for team Justo, when we only have 6 unique players. But a solid 135 (270) from Ablett against Swanny’s 90 (180) swung the round back in my favor. A 100+ from Dwyer gave me another boost and while StevieJ’s late withdrawal and Birchall’s disgraceful effort may have cost me, I knew Baker had them also and I could breathe easy. And so it came down to Sunday games and a decision that will haunt me. With Goodes returning to the Bullies lineup, i brought him onto my field and benched Terlich. Baker played Terlich. Nek Minnut… Terlich bangs out a 120 and that was the difference between the teams. What a joker.

The WrapUp

Justo’s Reserves scored 2018 – a massive disappointment!

Bakery’s Sons of Anarchy scored 2056 – and takes away a much needed league win!

The ups and downs and FMLs are not unique to this week, and not unique to us. I know you all experience the very same highs and lows from a Monday through to Sunday evening and while painful, It’s what keeps us hooked, ignoring our families and friends, dazing in and out of work on a Friday morning, and it’s what we love about Dreamteam.





3 thoughts on “DTFML Derby Chronicles

  1. I beat Baker last week. Glenn>>>> Justo obviously :p

    My amazing story was my eliminator win. It looked all over with McEvoy only needing a 55 to knock me out and he scored 50! Those last few minutes of the Crows game were nerve wracking like hell hoping we would play keepings off and Big Mac wouldn’t go near it. Was waiting for the inevitable mark after the siren and then hope he doesn’t kick it! Thankfully i scraped through in another average week

  2. I was playing Cotchin this week and was projected 150+ win so I was feeling pretty easy too. Cotchin being in Richmond has a swagger of Richmond players in his DT and was playing the Demons this weekend. Birchall cost me big time and we both went with Ablett for the C! We both had SJ, my emergency was Dwyer but he had Dwyer on field! Keeping Hartlett (not wanting to downgrade a ‘premium’ in my team) and go backwards was my downfall and now I have to cut the dead weight who cost me big $$ this week. Congrats Cotchy!

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