AFL DreamTeam Round8 – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

What a week that was! A draw, a kick after the siren to win it and a few other close games! Hopefully your team won and your DT players chopped up. Glenn here with the wrap up of the weekend’s DT action!


Gaz: The little master does it again. Tagged by Lower, but Lower was far too slow. Rewarded those that went with him as Captain over Swan with 135 points.

Jaeger Bomb: This man should be just about the last rookie to be upgraded. If he can continue to score 90+ each week, he’s an asset to any team!

Pendles: A jet! Racked em up all game with 127 points including 2 goals. Deadset superstar of the game!

Dwyer: Just when it looked like he had peaked, BAM, 2 huge socres and looks like he may have another 2-3 weeks of monster cash to be had! Has a BE of around -50!!!! Great for those that held him….

Jack: Kieren has been great this year for those who jumped on due to Sydney’s soft draw. Another monster with 138!

JPK: Josh Kennedy pulled his best score for the year so far with a 135 and looked real good in close. Is still under 500K, good upgrade option

Fyfe: came back from his 2 weeks off like he never missed anything. 116 points, a couple of goals and a controversial tackle that helped them secure the draw

Ellis: Has gone nuts this year. A huge 155 points (including 55 in quarter 1!) saw him jump 74K in this week. has a BE of -95 at 382K, you could do worse. He’ll make you money regardless over the next 2 weeks while his 155 is in his rolling average. Watch everyone jump on and see him pump out some scores of 40 odd…… 😉

Vlastuin: GUN! Outdid his ton from last week with 131. Is going to make some serious cash and give you some awesome scores as a D5 or D6

Terlich: Another rookie to take off with some monsters after a “normal” rookie start of scores of 40-80. 120 points means $$$$$$$$$


M.Voss: Put Mayes as sub… WTF. Many had him on ground or emergnency as cover for an injured player and he gets the green vest. 31 points for a quarter and a half is a good return for a rookie, but it just wasn’t long enough on the ground

Rockliff: Yeah he scored 83, but 38 of that was in the first quarter. Went missing after that and let a potential monster score wash away

Birchall: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest villain of them all? Birchall has been nothing short of deplorable since his monster 150. 36 points against the minnows is beyond poor and his price has plummeted. Down to 411K with a BE of 165. Wait for him to get back in form and then jump on him if you have waited this long. Will be a steal once he gets back to his best

Franklin: a score of 81 was good enough to send him to a sub 400K price. What a waste of money he has been. Looks like he could be doing a Cloke from 2012 (hold off contract talks and spud it up)

B.Kennedy: Money making opportunities lost thanks to the dreaded green vest. FML. 19 points

Neade: Why haven’t you traded him yet? he hit the rookie wall 2 weeks ago. 42 points and is losing cash quicker than a 40 year old virgin at a  strip club….

Hartlett: Another sub standard score. 59 points which included 8 tackles. Take those away and we’re looming at another score below 40. Has plummeted to 360K. OUCH

Toumpas: 19 points and isn’t even above 150K. A major disappointment for those that got him, but shame on you if you held him this long!

McEvoy: He may be in the villain list, but he’s a hero to me! My opponent in Eliminator needed him to score only 55 to win our match and knock me out but he got a 50!!!! I won by 4. Thanks Big Mac! Sorry for those that were burned by him


A fairly comprehensive list this round!

Who are you trading in and out this week?

5 thoughts on “AFL DreamTeam Round8 – Heroes and Villains

  1. Yep good article all the way from the USA but I traded in Ellise last week!! This week I’m trading Mayes for Franklin and downgrading Stevenson for laired! Cranking so much money at the moment

  2. Great article glenn, love your wrapup once again!
    Time to offload my rookies with high breakevens this week…
    – Heath wont score a 90 so a trade to Thurlow looks most likely.
    – Mayes to Franklin maybe, or to Lonergan who should play most of the year now with GC.
    Thats assuming there arent bigger dramas during the week.

  3. Another option for mayes is brent staker if you are needing cash generation… Good article Glenn, none of my premos are pulling their weight at the moment, I had Cox 73, Selwood 71, SJ 0, Birchall 36 McEvoy 50 and swallow 80 all under performing (I am sure Justo would be feeling some of my West Coast DT pain right now). Just a BE mistake in there though, Ellis BE isn’t -95 unfortunately just -44

  4. Ellis BE, oops> i think i pulled the wrong numbers. Not the first time….. villain: Glenn!

    I will wait on Staker. Another good performance though and he’ll be ripe for a downgrade!

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