AFL DreamTeam Round7 – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

Hi guys, Glenn here with this weeks (late) edition of Heroes vs Villains…..


Tom Lynch: The ginger ninja pulled out the (unlikely source) highest score so far in DT this year while kicking 10 goals against some witches hats masquerading as an AFL team. 165 points is nice for the very few who have him. And good for the Crows %!!!

Dangerfield: Another stellar week for Danger. 141 points after 145 last week. Those that lost faith and traded him a few weeks ago would be kicking themselves. 28 touches, 4 goals. The man is a beast

Kerridge: Another rookie who has scored well for the past 2 weeks. 27 touches, 3 goals. 118 points a massively negative breakeven

Jack Steven: A career 39 possessions in the Saints underdog win against Carlton. 145 points? Yes please. Was a great option earlier in the season as a mid pricer!

Gaz: Justo mentioned he was going Gaz as captain and he delivered with 134 points, outscoring perma captain Swan by 23 points. A great week to swap the big C!

Dwyer. A rookie option who was just about at max cash value, then pulls out a 95 to go back to a BE of 3 and give us 2 more weeks and some bonus value!

Majak Daw: What a game! For those that picked him up, the 6 goals equals $$$$$$$. 128 points and missed a few easy ones, so could’ve been 150! Great work Majak

Hanley: Been epic since his 1 match ban with 2 massive scores. 129 points in a very average Brisbane side. I expect the ball down his end a fair bit this year. Jump on (455K) before he goes screaming past 500K this week.

Martin: Epic score. 144 points after only 18 in the first. HUGE second quarter and didn’t stop as sometimes he does

Deledio: 133 points after 2 very average scores has restored the faith of those with him. Got tagged, but shrugged it to post a monster.



Marc Murphy: 53 points and tagged out of it. Was looking a good option earlier in the year, but he’s now looking as a great option for those looking for a bargain once he can show some more consistent scores

Buddy: No Buddy of mine! 57 points and is averaging 78 points this year. Pretty average for someone who was the highest valued Fwd at the start of the year. Had a flyer kicking 2 goals in qtr 1 and then doing nothing, much like the past 2 weeks

Hartlett. 2 weeks I’ve had him. 2 weeks of scores under 40. FML. Get your game together son!

Neade: How do you have a BE of 28 and miss it playing a full game? You play in Port’s fwd line. Can’t believe he LOST money this week

Heath: Rookie wall, subbed off for 33 points

Wines: Hope you traded him last week. 54 is not a horrible score for a rookie, but it is when the BE is 80 odd

Stevenson: How can you be on 23 at qtr time and end upon 46 or the whole game? Its not like the ball wasn’t in Port’s defense….


New rule, trade out ALL port rookies asap. Its not looking pretty!

Good luck finding those bargains!

5 thoughts on “AFL DreamTeam Round7 – Heroes and Villains

  1. Good job Glenn, hopefully finally being rid of all the portletts will stop all the 30s in my team 🙂

  2. Jumping in early I know… Wines for priddis or hodge I’m thinking hodge on his form price break even & dt history??

  3. Nice article but it doesn’t help much reflecting on last week the same day teams are announced. It’s all about the future!

  4. Yeah sorry it was so late guys, was at a work conference and had 2 days worth of training i was presenting (along with Justo) normally its there on a Monday morning… callum, Lids is worth jumping on. Scored well even without Cotch there and shouldn’t get the tag Vs Melbourne this week. Could be a big one!

    As for Hodge V Priddis. Its hard to not pick up a premium for under 400K due to the unlucky concussion early a few weeks back. Similarly, Hodge is only 414K….

    Hodge more likely to be rested, as WC will be fighting for a finals berth and Hawthorn will be 9 and 1 in 3 weeks time… make of that what you will 😉

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