AFL DreamTeam Round6 – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

Well, what a horror Dreamteam week that was!! Carnage prior to the first bounce down with players either being injured or suspended and the players we had left certainly underperformed, especially some big guns, not to mention the late withdrawals. Bad news if they’re in your team now, but means we’ll see some super discounted premiums if you don’t have them yet.

I was thinking about renaming this article “Villains” but i managed to find a few heroes out there….. Glenn here to wrap up the scores.


Dangerfield: He made the villain list last week and has been a bit under expected scores all year, but my man Danger was back with a BANG this week. 35 touches, 8 marks, 2 goals. Did everything he could to get the Crows over the line versus the Hawks (but couldn’t quite do it) and racked up a very, very nice 145 for the highest score of the week.

Danger is back baby! Looked injury free for the first time this year too

StevieJ: Due to the aforementioned carnage, i couldn’t get SJ into my team as planned and didn’t he make me pay. 136 points and looks in fine touch getting more midfield time than usual

Jaeger Bomb: This kid is a GUN. A tackling machine, kicked 2 goals and a lovely 98 points. Has a breakeven of -43, meaning a few more massive price rises coming, as he is averaging over 100 in past 2 weeks and that means another score around the mark will see him head towards the 400K mark with the 3 round rolling average

Priddis: 124 this week after scoring 4 last week with an early concussion against Port. Down to 416K. Jump on! A perfect upgrade for Wines who has a break even of 74 and won’t cost too much cash!

Matt Jones: A youngster who is scoring exceptionally well in a deplorable side. 104 points and continues to impress. One of the best rookie picks so far

Josh Kennedy (WC) Only scored 83, but got me over the line in a league match with his amrk and kick with only 1 minute left. Thanks Josh!


Sidebottom: A few may have jumped on after his first half ton on ANZAC day and he re paid those with 46 points. Was tagged out of it by Geary

Watson: 54 points against the worst side in the comp would hurt those with him. Should’ve been a big one. A breakeven of 160 means he should drop under 500K after next weeks game against Geelong. Juicy upgrade option for JOM/ Jones

Stanton: Baker had him as a smoky for the big C. Hope you stuck with Swan. Got injured and a poor 51 hurts when he was on 30 points in about 5 minutes into the game. Ruined most peoples weekend.

Westhoff: 33 points. Spud. Starting to show his true form . Didn’t get near it. I hope those that made the quick cash from him traded him to SJ last week. Not only would you have made $300, but you would be about 210 points better off

Hartlett: 32 points and tagged out of it. This one hurts, as i traded Hartlett in this week as an upgrade from Pittard. unlike the Hoff, Hartlett is a class player and will bounce back

Birchall: Tagged out of it for the second week in a row. I also picked him up last week, so that may explain  the 2 low scores. Seems to be a direct correlation between me bringing in players and them pulling a shocker….. FML with 50 points

Wright: Was touted as a mid priced option at the start of the season and his form has been so bad in Adelaide’s out of form midfield that he got the green vest on the weekend and only 26 points

Buddy:  53 points. Held goalless for the 2nd week in a row for the first time ever in his career. Talia toweled him up and his frustration took over. 2 incidents may be looked at by the MRP, including an ugly headlock on Otten in mid air that he held onto until he crashed into the back of Otten’s neck as they hit the ground. It was very dangerous

Cotchin. Got a knock last week against Freo and didn’t look himself. 62 points is ugly. A breakeven of 189 will see him drop to the 450K range in 2 weeks with a couple more average scores. Get ready to pounce

Deledio: A downhill skier right now, gets the tag due to the deadly weapon his leg is. Needs to work harder to break a tag. 63 points

Grimes: Didn’t want to put him here, as his 12 was not his fault. Took a massive hit into his shoulder when 2 players fell on him and was sent to hospital straight after. Never a good sign. More backline carnage for those with him

Waters: Um… late withdrawal from defense, with Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Pittard all out already… not appreciated.

Hopefully next week sees a lot more Heroes and a few less Villains!

Who are your prime upgrade targets over the next few weeks?

Some huge articles going up this week… stay tuned for:

* Biggest Sportsbet article ever – by Justo

* Most in depth Trade Talk article ever – by Baker

* Huge Round 7 video for Thurs night – with Justo, Baker, PE Teacher and special guest

12 thoughts on “AFL DreamTeam Round6 – Heroes and Villains

  1. Great article, deffently swapping out Jack Frost this week for vlastuin and upgrading wines to pridders!

  2. Im loving an upgrade to Jordan Lewis… averaging well, playing midfield, and after Sydney this week… Hawks play GWS, GC and Melbourne in the 3 weeks before the bye. could be a perfect upgrade for fwd rookies like Neade and Dwyer who are close to maxing out in value.

  3. Just a couple of mistakes in there, Jaeger Bomb has a BE of -14 not -43, Priddis is $414,000… I would also mention Dale Thomas as an upgrade option, He has bottomed out already while Priddis should drop under $400,000.

    • Thanks Callum… nice one Glenn HaHaHa
      Anyways we’ll be discussing upgrade options like Daisy and Priddis in detail in this week’s ‘Trade Talk’ and ‘In 5 Mins’ articles.

      Im personally warning people away from Priddis, and to focus on Premo keepers like Murphy instead, but you’ll have to wait for all that until tomorrow night 🙂

    • Yes we have,
      This year we are running Private DTFML leagues with our contributors, football journalists and selected players who are DT fanatics.
      We plan to expand this next year to invite our readers to fight it out for spots in those all-star leagues, as well as start an open corporate league for the world to compete with us 🙂

      How are you ranking so far this year?

        • Great job, you are just ahead of me actually for the year… but will be back in top1000 over the next 2 weeks and make my charge to the top Hahaha. #stupidround1 #slowstart #onfirenow

        • Thanks mate, much appreciated.
          Very passionate here at DTFML about getting everyone the best start possible to the year. Most teams biggest mistakes are made in the preseason, and my Vision for DTFML is to help the broader community perform better by starting better.

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