AFL Dreamteam Round 6 – in 5 minutes

round image

A big weekend ahead with Dreamteam dramas galore in our backlines and plenty through the midfield aswell. Get an advantage on your mates and check out our Teams, Trades, Captain choice and a Sportsbet.



  • Heppell
  • Gibbs
  • Goodes
  • Docherty
  • Pittard
  • Whitfield
  • Fyfe
  • Rioli
  • Walker


  • Nic Natanui
  • K. Mitchell
  • Chapman
  • Viney
  • Kommer

Check out ‘Round 6 Teams’ for all INs and OUTs


Westhoff – to Rockliff or Stevie J if you dont have them

Dangerfield / Fyfe – A sideways swap to Stanton or Murphy (who has an easy draw ahead) would be good

Gibbs / Heppell – Birchall should be the prime target here, or Hanley, Hartlett or Waters

Goodes / Pittard – Probably Vlastuin is the only real valuable downgrade target at this stage


Believe it or not Im going to consider some other options this week, with Watson and Stanton likely to completely destroy GWS. I truly believe if you need some extra points to win this week, you put the C on Stanton. My gut says he could pump out 150+ comfortably with 35 touches and 4 goals.

Secondly, Ross Lyon said this week that Ablett is simply untaggable which leads me to feel like he could belt out a 120+ this week against Freo, but again, its difficult to commit when Crowley is there watching him at least a little bit.

However, you cannot, ever, go against DT’s most reliable Captain choice… and in a week where we already have so much carnage and uncertainty, the reliability of a 110 – 125 from Swan is a simple Yes for me.

Lock him in. SWAN.

captain swan


Bloody Hawthorn cost me $1050 win last week by not winning by 15.5+ against the Kangas, after hitting all other 8 legs of a multi bet. This week I’ll have another crack.

Combining the following results should pay out $1035 for my cheeky $10 bet. Jump on if you dare.

  • Essendon 100+
  • Carlton 100+
  • Collingwood 15.5+
  • Nth Melbourne Win
  • Hawks 15.5+
  • Geelong Win
  • Fremantle Win
  • Sydney Win
  • WestCoast 15.5+

Thanks and Good Luck DreamTeamers!

6 thoughts on “AFL Dreamteam Round 6 – in 5 minutes

  1. What are your thoughts I already have Stevie j and rockliff who would be your trade for Whestoff knowing I already have those 2… N.reiwoldt or buddy??

    • I think Buddy has some price to drop still, but he has to be a Trade In target over the next few weeks. He will certainly be a top6 forward and all teams will have him in the 2nd half of the season. Id probably pull the trigger now mate, and just bring him in.

      Not sure Riewoldt can maintain form? Probably average 80 over the next month or two. That’s still good, but its Buddy, and I think I’d prefer him.

    • Unfortunately Buddy and Bartel will be ripe for the picking ‘next’ week and there aren’t a great deal of forward choices right now. Although Reiwoldt has been doing well so far I’m still not super keen on bringing him in just yet. Depending if you can get away with an easy win this week you could always consider Hoff OUT, moving Cox (if you have him) into FWD and bringing in another gun to replace him or even the rookie Gawn to make some great cash this week (wish I had that luxury).
      Alternatively what about bringing a MID FWD up front to fill Hoffs place and bringing in a great mid (Stanton and Murphy come to mind. Fruit for thought.

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