AFL DreamTeam Round5 – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

So many Dreamteam HEROES and VILLAINS over the weekend that either saved or destroyed our Dreamteams in just a matter of days. Glenn here to kick the week off with a wrap-up of the weekend gone by…


Swan– 30 touches, 6 tackles on ANZAC day equals 120 solid points as captain to get the weekend started

Sidebottom– For the few that have him, he was massive. 102 points by half time, came back from the break and spewed his guts up due to the crazy gut running. 31 touches, 9 marks, a goal, 6 tackles and 143 points!

Zaharakis– Another forward upgrade option. A goal kicking mid. 34 touches, 4 goals (made Sportsbet do the refund) 130 points and an ANZAC Day medal for his troubles

N. Riewoldt– 153 points in the first game played for points overseas. Didn’t stop running, 27 touches, 13 grabs and 2 goals. Tried to lift St Kilda over the line on his own

GAJ– The little master at his best. A quiet 3rd term didn’t stop him from racking up 131 points with his 32 touches and 3 goals. Dropped some easy marks, so it could’ve been a 150 no probs

Jaeger Bomb– One of the few performing rookies this weekend. 25 touches, 2 goals, 115 points and a ton more money for your team over the next few weeks as he matures. Looks at home at AFL

Stevie J – I had the choice of SJ or Jelwood into my team this week and the other was coming in next week. Guess which one i chose? Not SJ šŸ˜¦ FML. 10 tackles as he scored an amazing 141. Welcome to the Dominators this week SJ, albeit a bit more expensive than i would’ve liked!

S. Selwood: He had a slow start to the year, but has picked up the pace, even though his team hasn’t. 136 points and another big tackler this weekend with 10

Zorko– The magnificent one is back. 120 points led by 29 touches and 3 goals. Was quiet in the 1st qtr, but really turned it on after that

Mayes: For those that got him, will have some potential to make some huge $ (and quick) after a awesome 111 against the Dees


Cotchin– Crowley went to Deledio, so for Cotch to only get 84 points unchecked makes him a bit of a villain. Should’ve done better

Dangerfield– This pains me to say, but Danger looks injured. He’s not playing in the mids anywhere near as much as he should and it could be the knee knock he got early in the season effecting him. need more than 71 from my man Danger though. I had the choice of Sam Mitchell or Danger and went Danger. Cost me a lot of points so far šŸ˜¦

Gibbs– Subbed off at 1/2 time on 54. Didn’t appear injured. Everyone has him though, so no biggie

Jelwood: Had the Lower tag, but was on 61 points at half time, and only got 23 more after that. Not cool!

Westhoff– back to is usual output scoring 45. Those who picked him up will be looking to trade him to a SJ or similar type after enjoying a few nice scores and price rise

Buddy– Kicked 13 goals against NM last year scoring over 200 points. Kicked 0 goals and 5 points today. 62 pointsĀ  and he was a point of difference in a league match of mine in which i lost by 3 points!

Docherty– Got the greenĀ  vest, which is never good when you need your rookies to make quick cash. 21 hurts. Bad.


Some huge articles going up this week… stay tuned for:

* Biggest Sportsbet article ever – by Justo

* Most in depth Trade Talk article ever – by Baker

* Huge Round 6 video for Thurs night – with Justo, Baker, PE Teacher and special guest


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