AFL Dreamteam Round 5 – in 5 minutes

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Here we go again as we check out the TEAMS, TRADES, CAPTAINS and SPORTSBET for Round 5 in 5 minutes.



  • Chapman (hammy soreness)
  • Crouch (even worse hammy soreness)
  • Viney (rested)
  • Stevenson (emergency)
  • Hanley (suspended)


  • Vlastuin (named in midfield)
  • Waters


  • Rockliff
  • Daw
  • Karnezis
  • M. Jones


Here are the 10 most popular trades being made this week.

Traded in for Traded Out Trades (%)
1 Evans, M Viney, J 12,165 (5%)
2 Mayes, S Viney, J 5,265 (2%)
3 Evans, M Mitchell, K 4,584 (2%)
4 Evans, M Crouch, B 3,439 (1%)
5 Mayes, S Varcoe, T 3,047 (1%)
6 Mayes, S Karnezis, P 2,231 (1%)
7 Mayes, S Patton, J 2,163 (1%)
8 Evans, M Kommer, N 2,151 (1%)
9 Mayes, S Mitchell, K 2,074 (1%)
10 Mayes, S Crouch, B 1,997 (1%)

Evans – The rookie on a massive bubble ready with an expected $79k price rise this week, and named starting in the midfield for Melbourne this week against the Lions. If you can downgrade a Crouch or Viney to Evans, I think you should.

Mayes – Running up and down the wing for the Lions, with a fairly consistent output, along with playing Melbourne this week should see a very decent $60k+ price rise for Mayes after this weekend, and with MID/FWD dual positioning, is a priority target to downgrade to.

Stevenson – Rested after some below par performances, especially with Pittard and Heath both playing relatively well. Do we pull the trigger and trade him out immediately or not? Well if you can wait one more week, an easy downgrade to Docherty is looming and with Vlastuin named to play for Richmond’s midfield, holding on trading him for one or two more weeks is probably the better option.

Chapman – With a history of hammy soreness, Id be worried he wont be out for just the one week. Im personally trading him because I have a spare one to make and dont want a gun on the bench. The question is… do you straight swap him for another forward gun like Franklin? Or do you take the downgrade option to Mayes who is a rookie set to explode in price. I’ve swapped gun for gun, with some moving around, I got Birchall for Chapman and feel like that is a win. What are you gonna do?


Most people locked in Swan for the ANZAC clash, or at least put the VC on him to play the loophole.

I think we should all be happy with his 120 DT pts and not be silly by chasing a higher score.

captain swan


Well I sure did hit some multis last weekend, particularly thanks to Carlton and Geelong who were roughies and i managed to win a big $718.

This week my multi bets relied on Essendon beating the Pies yesterday (bingo) and Richmond to beat Freo tonight. Combining some easy wins with these roughies should pay out nicely.

$20 multi on Essendon (15+), Sydney (win), Richmond (win), Geelong (25+), Hawthorn (15+)

Goodluck punters!


Thanks and Good Luck DreamTeamers!

3 thoughts on “AFL Dreamteam Round 5 – in 5 minutes

    • Yeh sorry Zach, with the split lockout i was caught a bit off guard with my sportsbets and only go them on this week about 30mins before the ANZAC game.
      To help looking ahead,
      there are still some pretty strong favourites and a couple of roughies you can jump on…
      Geelong 25+
      Hawks 15.5+
      Brisbane 15.5+
      are all very likely and paying short odds. Combining them in a multi bet with say…
      Richmond 15.5+
      WestCoast 25+
      could turn a cheeky $10 bet into an easy $50 – $100.

      Will start a sportsbet only article as of next week to help our readers get on board too.

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