AFL Dreamteam Round 5 – TRADE TALK

Hey DT Coaches,

Baker here with my weekly TRADE TALK, where I discuss “How to Break Even” and stay ahead of the pack.

Each round seems to get better and better and it shows no sign of slowing down. Let’s check out this week’s break evens.

trade talk

Good Break Evens for Round 5

 Name  Team  Position      Value

Break  Even

Projected RD 3 Price Change

Projected RD 3 Score

Michael   Evans Demons MID $108,500




Sam   Mayes Lions FWD/MID $152,200




Oliver   Wines Power MID $315,500




Taylor   Duryea Hawks MID $108,500




Matt   Jones Demons MID $217,800




Brad   Crouch Crows MID $171,300




Travis   Cloke Magpies FWD $447,600




Dean   Terlich Demons DEF $158,900




Brett   Goodes Bulldogs MID/DEF $242,000




Jack   Hutchins Suns DEF $160,300




Baker’s Best Buys

  1. Michael Evans – With a BE of -104 he is a gem! $73,600 thank you!
  2. Sam Mayes – A readymade rookie, he looks right at home in the Lions Midfield. Might be a keeper?
  3. Taylor Duryea – With Jed Anderson injured he has stepped up to the plate with 2 solid performances.
  4. Kane Cornes – just like Westhoff he has improved exponentially this year into a DT hero.
  5. Oliver Wines – If you havn’t got on Wines then you should delete your Dream Team.

Baker’s Offloads

  1. Darren Jolly – Will probably be back this week but has a BE of 183, as a ruckman it’s never going to happen.
  2. Dale Thomas – Coming back from injury has not helped Daisy. Wait a few weeks for him to bottom out.
  3. Jason Porplysia – normally a good cheap forward option but this year has not showed the goods (just like the Crows).
  4. Lewis Jetta – a slow start this year. Paying the price of a good season last year and is getting a lot of attention from the opposition.
  5. Josh Caddy –A cheaper midfield option that hasn’t delivered the goods.

Baker’s Spotlight

Now you may think that I’m just being bias having picked Luke Hodge last week and being a Hawks supporter, however one thing you can’t deny is that Grant Birchall has thrilled DT coaches from the start of the season. I now find myself in a dilemma. Do I splash the cash and get him now before he rises in value and becomes out of reach or do I continue to invest in rookies this week? Tough call! Think we should get him!


Baker’s Keys to BEs

  1. Look for guns that have under-performed and are on the comeback.
  2. If a player is going to miss his BE and lose substantial money, trade them unless they are part of your long term plans.
  3. Look for rookies that are going to go up in value fast. If one is under-performing, trade them for another rookie that will make you money. No time for sentiment.

Good Luck DT Coaches!

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