AFL Dreamteam Round 4 – in 5 minutes

round image

Here we go again as we check out the TEAMS, TRADES, CAPTAINS and SPORTSBET for Round 4 in 5 minutes.



  • Varcoe
  • Anderson
  • Ryder
  • Kommer
  • Kreuzer
  • Embley
  • K.Mitchell
  • Patton


  • Rampe (rookie)
  • Pavlich
  • Siposs
  • Kerridge (rookie)
  • Boyd
  • Stringer (rookie)
  • Macrae (rookie)
  • Majak Daw (rookie)
  • Docherty (rookie)


  • Toumpas
  • Matt Jones
  • Plowman
  • Whitfield
  • Karnezis


Here are the 10 most popular trades being made this week.

Traded in for Traded Out Trades (%)
1 Goldstein, T Kreuzer, M 3,976 (3%)
2 Leuenberger, M Kreuzer, M 3,905 (2%)
3 Mayes, S Varcoe, T 3,885 (2%)
4 Westhoff, J Zorko, D 3,543 (2%)
5 Mayes, S Patton, J 3,144 (2%)
6 Crouch, B Kommer, N 2,085 (1%)
7 Crouch, B Mitchell, K 2,067 (1%)
8 Rowe, S Patton, J 1,977 (1%)
9 Rowe, S Varcoe, T 1,888 (1%)
10  Westhoff, J Varcoe, T 1,710 (1%)

Priority – Injury Trades

Kreuzer – With Kreuzer out for 4 weeks, it is priority to replace him with your #1 trade. Leuenberger, Goldstein or Griffin would be ideal.

Beams – In case you were patiently waiting for Dayne Beams to come back in this week, and had him on your bench in case he did… urgh… another 4 weeks on the sidelines. You HAVE to make the trade now.

Varcoe – Annoying price to trade swap, so you could trade down to Rowe, Sinclair or Mayes, or with spare cash, a trade up to Kennedy, Lecras or Westhoff perhaps.

Patton – Season ending injury, a swap for rookies like Rowe, Sinclair or Mayes seems most obvious.

Secondary Trades – Underperformers

Zorko – Zorko ‘the nolongermagnificent’ needs to go. He has cost you $45k already and another $25k this week seems most likely. If you were lucky not to have the need to make injury trades, then Zorko should be first on your list to replace. Westhoff seems the most obvious replacement at this point, or J.Kennedy, or Lecras.

K.Mitchell – Just looks like the ‘sub’ vest has his name on it every week, and not even in the team this week, so an offload now to Brad Crouch would be ideal.

Kommer – a 2 week suspension means time to offload. An easy straight swap for Brad Crouch is the obvious replacement.

Ryder – a 3 week suspension means swap time, to another ruck gun preferrably.

If you have another spare 5 mins and wanna check out all the best and worst trade options, check out this article from Baker from yesterday… TRADE TALK.



Dont be ridiculous. Stop considering other options.

No Westhoff is not a genuine captain option.

It is Swanny’s 200th game this week… i expect 140 DT pts.

captain swan


Lets just recheck what i said last week… “Essendon to beat Freo @ $2.70”

This was the start of a glorious 9 leg multi that i missed thanks to Adelaide’s appauling performance on Sunday afternoon costing me $1026 for my $30 bet. And despite losing a tenner on the kangas who lost to Sydney, and the eagles for missing the 100+, It’s a big thanks to Essendon for helping me come out even for the weekend.

This week…

A few roughies might get up this week. As much as i hate to say it, Carlton are a real chance against WestCoast, and Geelong over Sydney very likely too. Id love to do a few combos, of those with some favourites… Say…

  • Carlton Geelong Essendon Hawks Kangas
  • Eagles Geelong Essendon Hawks Kangas

Lets see if we can hit a multi and pay for the weekend.


Thanks and Good Luck DreamTeamers!

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