AFL Round 3 – in 5 minutes

round image



  • Watts
  • Karnezis (oh for goodness sakes… really!)


  • Stevie J (get him in!!!)
  • Lecras
  • Scotland
  • Daisy Thomas
  • Tom Lee (rookie alert)
  • Mayes (rookie alert)
  • Vlastuin (rookie alert)
  • Frost (rookie alert – fill in for Maxwell for next 8 weeks??)
  • Kerridge (rookie alert)


  • Heath (bench him, might be emergency)
  • Wines (shouldn’t be the sub)
  • Macaffer (might make way for Thomas and Fasolo, I’d bench him for Dwyer or Neade)
  • Mitchell (likely to play SANFL or be sub again)
  • Crouch (think he’s safe, pick him)

Check out ‘Round 3 Teams’ for all INs and OUTs


Leuenberger – If you didn’t bring him in last week, do so this week!

Robinson – Likely to drop 45k after this week’s first price change, so I think you gotta cut him. Makes it easy with Stevie J coming back in.

Zorko – meh… 50 – 50 on this one, to keep or trade. He is gonna lose you some cash, but he is likely to bounce back with 100+.

Dangerfield – Still think you should keep him despite some poor scoring and an almost certainty to lose you some money.

Karnezis – Dropped. Can you bloody believe it. Over 9% of Dreamteams have traded him out this week. I’m one of them.

Kennedy – Get him in! Priority! Great option if trading out Karnezis, Robinson or Zorko.

Westhoff – Look, I warn you, he aint the superstar you think he is. But he will make you some quick cash in the next 3 weeks.


captain swan


Lets just recheck what i said last week… “Im going for the belting again… Essendon 100+ over Melbourne at $14”

Damn straight cleaned up along with most of my friends and I hope you readers got on it too.

This week, im backing 2 roughies…

  • Kangas to beat Sydney @ $2.75
  • Essendon to beat Freo @ $2.70

Chuck a $10’er on the combo bet and barrack hard.

Maybe a $10’er on WCE to beat Melbourne 100+ too @ $6.60.

Thanks and Good Luck DreamTeamers!

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