DreamTeam Round1(wk2) Review – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

Welcome to the 2nd week of our Round1 DreamTeam review, with the HEROES and VILLAINS from the weekend:


Top of the Pile – ANDREW SWALLOW 141 DT pts

Top scored the round with 34 posessions and a nice 9 tackles to become a desirable midfield upgrade target in the weeks ahead.

Zeus – GARY ABLETT 135 DT pts

He is a Dreamteam God. He should be locked in 100% of dreamteams. He isnt. This confuses me.

Captain America – DANE SWAN 123 DT pts

He is forever our DT captain here at DTFML and once again he didnt disappoint, coming home hard in the last quarter when we needed him. 31 touches and 10 marks to go with his goal was a great first week.

The Heir Apparent – SCOTT PENDLEBURY 124 DT pts

Shot out of the gate and led Collingwood to victory with an impressive 30 touches, including 5 tackles and winning 4 free kicks. We just have the sneaky feeling here that he could match Swanny and Ablett this year overall. Stay tuned!

Matlhouse’s Boy – BRYCE GIBBS 133 DT pts

After so much preseason chatter about Malthouse moving Gibbs into the midfield, it all proved true and Gibbs didnt let us all down with 34 posessions and 2 goals! BAM! Every Dreamteam need this midfielder in their defense.

The Bully – RYAN O’KEEFE 116 DT pts

Look… i warned you all. Over a month ago i wrote an article about picking Sydney players in your midfield who will smash GWS and GC in the first 2 rounds. I even singled out Ryan O’Keefe as the biggest bully who would average the most, after he smashed them both last year, and warned away from Josh Kennedy. If you had read this and listened… it was my pleasure.  ‘O’Keefe and Sydney article’

Mr Reliable – SAM MITCHELL 128 DT pts

At one point of the game, Mitchell knocked up about 7 posessions in 3 minutes. Thinking about it… he always does. And so even in a losing team, you can trust him for a solid output. 37 disposals in round 1… very nice start for his DT owners.

The Inspirational Captain – JOEL SELWOOD 121 DT pts

33 touches, 8 marks, 6 tackles and a goal… not to mention he single handedly turned the game around from a strong Hawks lead to get Geelong back in it and eventually to win it. He is the inspirational captain on the field… is he the inspirational dreamteamer you are looking for too?

Many other big 100+ scorers, but our popular DT relevant ones were:

  • Matthew Kreuzer 114 DT pts – is this his year?
  • Todd Goldstein 101 DT pts – goodbye Currie, Goldy is back!
  • Tom Rockliff 116 DT pts – get on him, its gonna be a great ride!


Human Cannonball – MITCH ROBINSON 21 DT pts

KO’d and subbed off on 21 DT pts was the biggest disaster of my DT weekend, and no doubt for so many of you readers. He will be back, and he will go just as hard. I respect him, but hate his (and Beau Waters) stupidity/courage.

The Disappearing Act – DAYNE ZORKO 52 DT pts

Zorko the magnificent pulled his first disappearing act with his lowest score ever from a full game, not the followup we expected to his brilliant NAB cup and 2012 debut year. Probably worth another chance, as he will score much better when Brisbane dont get flogged!

The Late Withdrawals – DAYNE BEAMS and HEATH SHAW

Late minute withdrawls are a DT’ers worst nightmare. We got two from the same team this week throwing Collingwood fans into panic mode.

Other popular DT underscorers this week include:

  • Dustin Martin 78 DT pts
  • Brett Deledio 78 DT pts
  • Toby Greene 37 DT pts (tagged)
  • Buddy Franklin 73 DT pts (and an injury scare)



These are our DT rookies who either helped or hindered our Heroes and Villains this week…

OLI WINES (Port) 99 DT pts

Monster display, with 24 touches, 7 marks, 3 tackles, kicked a goal and won 5 free kicks. Bloody hell. Lock.


Simply brilliant. LOCK on your field every week. He is your #1 rookie at this stage.

JACK VINEY (Melb) 86 DT pts

22 touches, 4 marks, 2 tackles and a goal, and pretty much best on ground for Melbourne on the weekend. Lock.


He might not have found much of the ball… but the kid can tackle!!! 6 in fact on debut shows a desire to hunt and fight for his team. God forbid he starts knocking up 20+ posessions aswell and we have our rookie of the year.

Other Sidekick scores this week were:

  • Lewis Stevenson (Port) 74 DT pts
  • Matt Jones (Melb) 69 DT pts
  • Jasper Pittard (Port) 62 DT pts
  • Lachie Plowman (GWS) 58 DT pts
  • Josh Thomas (Coll) 57 DT pts
  • Jake Neade (Port) 53 DT pts
  • Jack Frost (Coll) 48 DT pts
  • Lachie Whitfield (GWS) 47 DT pts
  • Jimmy Toumpas (Melb) 37 DT pts
  • Sam Dwyrer (Coll) 34 DT pts (sub)
  • Mark Blicavs (Geel) 32 DT pts
  • Dane Rampe (Syd) 32 DT pts (subbed off)
  • Jed Anderson (Haw) 28 DT pts (sub)
  • Kane Mitchell (Port) 24 DT pts (sub)


Stay tuned for our biggest Thursday night articles ever later this week!

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