DreamTeam Round 1 Review – Heroes and Villains

heroes and villains background 2013

Welcome to our Round1 DreamTeam review for 2013, with the HEROES and VILLAINS for the first 2 games of the first week:


The 3 Mailmen –

1 MATTHEW WRIGHT (Adel)  102 DT pts 

After showing promise for much of the NAB cup, Matty Wright delivered!! Many had him locked in their forward lines ahead of Dustin Martin but a tagging role reduced his output for one week which scared off many. For those who stuck with him… he delivered big time. A genuine midfielder that we can pick as a foward in DT and pumped out a 100+ in week 1… exciting prospect.


8 very strong contested pack marks, most of which taken outside the 50m arc and 2 goals set Kennedy up for a strong return to the Eagles lineup. At a bargain price, for those who gave him a chance… he delivered.

3 MARK LECRAS (WCE)  82 DT pts (3 qtrs subbbed off)

Not quite as discounted in price as Kennedy, many were hesitant to select him but he certainly delivered tonight with 82 DT pts in less than 3 quarters before an arm injury had him subbed off. 8 tackles and 2 goals and plenty of midfield time along with a run up forward gave DT fans much to love, but his serious arm injury has us all questioning whether he was a great pick after all. We shall see how serious it is this week.

The Rollercoaster – BRENT STANTON (Ess)  115 DT pts

After one of the great starts to a season, Stanton was hot property in 2012, but had a horrific second half to his season, damaging his DT reputation badly as ‘too inconsistent’ and found himself barely picked in teams for 2013. But this up and down gun is back it seems… starting as he did last year with a great score of 115 DT pts and may be well underpriced remembering back to his incredible form early 2012.

Mr Reliable – JOBE WATSON (Ess)  113 DT pts

The brownlow medalist is as reliable as you can get, with a four qtr effort and 34 posessions, from clearances, time up forward and touches all over the ground. You probably wont see the mega scores that Stanton is likely to pump out here or there, but his consistency and reliability cannot be argued with.

The Medallists – DAVE MUNDY 117 DT pts and MICHAEL BARLOW 126 DT pts

Sharing the Ross Glendenning medal for best on ground in the derby, these two Freo midfielders were prolific, not just at gathering posessions, but shared an amazing 19 tackles between them. Both sub-premo priced and risky picks to start the season so DT owners would have been proud to have taken a chance on one of these heroes to start the season with them.

Other top scores for the week included:

  • Ben Howlett (Ess) 127 DT pts
  • Beau Waters (WCE) 113 DT pts
  • Chris Mayne (Freo) 104 DT pts
  • Courtney Dempsey (Ess) 100 DT pts



Mr Taggable – PATRICK DANGERFIELD (Adel)  51 DT pts

A lightening start on Friday with 8 possessions and 28 DT pts at qtr time, Dangerfield found himself tagged for the rest of the game. He was tagged so effectively he was moved forward during the 2nd qtr to full forward playing on Dustin Fletcher just to get back in the game… urgh. A brilliant tag and an Essendon win has now highlighted the possibility which other teams may try to copy, (here comes the Crowley and Raines tag) and he may as well have stamped “Come and Tag Me” all over his frickin head. VILLAIN #1 for 2013. Congrats Patrick.

The Underwhelmer – BRENDAN GODDARD (Ess)  71 DT pts

Look to be honest I think we all just had too high expectations of this DT gun playing his first game for his new team. The most selected DT defender just wasnt prominant and was lucky to get what he did. 14 posessions from our most expensive defender was a little underwhelming.

The One Quarter Pony – DYSON HEPPELL (Ess) 76 DT pts

For christ sake Dyson, you had 38 at qtr time… and only doubled that output across 3 more quarters. Dennis Cometti profiled you at qtr time of the broadcast with some glowing words about your move into the midfield. So in a team that dominated the next 3 qtrs… where were you? For god sake you should have pummelled them and scored 110+.

Other underscorers this week include:

  • Scott Selwood 71 DT pts
  • Paul Duffield 67 DT pts
  • Matthew Pavlich 58 DT pts (and reported)


These are our DT rookies who either helped or hindered our Heroes and Villains this week…

The Saviour – NICH KOMMER (Ess)  60 DT pts

The spark for Essendon’s come back in the first and second quarters, Kommer looked settled at AFL level in his first game. 16 touches, 2 tackles, 4 free kicks for and a goal was a super first game effort. But Kommer gets ‘The Saviour’ title not for his performance, but for being selected in Round1, for being selected and named on the ground even, and in a week when Crouchy missed selection, we thank you Nich Kommer for filling in that spot for us and not letting us down.

The Indian Giver – BRAD CROUCH (Adel)  Emergency

After so many promises of being one of our midfield rookie LOCKS right through the NAB cup, Crouchy found himself on the Emergency list for Round 1 and threw the DT world into chaos on Thursday night. Dont promise what you cant deliver!

The Pretender – SCOTT LYCETT (WCE) 19 DT pts

As one of the few likely rookie starters for our DT fwd line bench under 200k, and with Natanui out for up to 6 more weeks, Lycett looked like a great option. Wrong. He was hopeless. Couldnt find the ball with 3 posessions in 4 quarters. 0 goals and 0 shots on goal from 4 quarters playing forward. Simply embarrassing performance by this pretender.

9 thoughts on “DreamTeam Round 1 Review – Heroes and Villains

  1. I sense alot of anger and hate in this one haha FML thats where the name for the site comes from worst start to dreamteam, scotty lycett you are gone!

  2. Thankfully we have 2 trades each week this year. Makes the mistakes easier to rectify. You wouldn’t normally over do the trades this time of year, but this year a few tweaks could make all the difference!

    I went with Danger over Sam Mitchell, so here’s hoping to him scoring not much more and me not feeling like such a goose. Danger will be fired up after his performance last night. Expect fireworks against Brisbane in 2 weeks!

  3. Good article. Heppell really slowed down after quarter time. Matty Wright was handy, scored better than he played. I’d like to see him move the ball quicker. But 7 marks through the middle was handy.

    • Thanks mate,
      Yeh i almost felt like Wright still has more in him… very carefully watching him.
      Never gonna get tagged with Danger and Thommo in the team.

      How did your first weekend go?

  4. Barlow in Danger out until price changes as even with two 120s Danger will go down and Barlow up. Then R4 ADE v WB in ADE get Danger back if scoring. Theres enough trades to avoid large player drops by grabbing same price range players about to rise. Then get them back later at lower cost and money left over.

  5. Would love to know what you boys are doing with Vlaustin? I’m hearing plowman but will apparently average 50 but at the moment I like frost… Very cheap and apparently will play

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