Nich Kommer – Good Call Bad Call?

Firstly a big thanks to Footy Classified, not only are they mandatory watching on Monday evenings, but I’ll give credit Gary as requested and just pilfer your best segment… Good Call Bad Call? … and give credit where credit is due.

Today we look at Nich Kommer, the $102k rookie who has been named on the field for Round 1 for Essendon, and in the absence of Brad Crouch (Crows), we just swap Crouch for Kommer right… Good Call Bad Call?



Played all games in the NAB running from the wing down through into the forward line.

Scored 50, 55 and 27 DT pts in those games from 192 total minutes on the ground.

That is an average of 69 DT pts per 100mins (Thanks to Freako from Champion Data

So if i say to you,

  • he has been named on the ground, not the bench. (in the fwd line not midfield)
  • he scores at about 69 DT pts a game (if not the sub)

Swap Crouchy out for Kommer… Good Call Bad Call?



We all thought Crouchy was an absolute lock for Round1 and were shocked to find out he wasnt. Which other rookies expected to play Round1 in our midfields might also miss the cut. I think we can all say that Jaeger O’meara and Oli Wines are gonna play, but the others maybe not… Kane Mitchell (disposal efficiency not high)? Anderson? Toumpas? Whitfield? Viney? Some of these young guys simply might need to wait a week or two before stepping in on game day.

There is no right answer in DT… just endless (painful) possibilities.

I’ll personally be doing the direct swap and watching just before game time in case he is named as the sub. But if he isnt, he is in and on my bench as an emergency. If he is named the sub, i think i’ll swap him for Matt Jones and wait to see who is named for next week.


What is your call?

5 thoughts on “Nich Kommer – Good Call Bad Call?

  1. GOOD CALL and done. For the start of the season to put in a likely rookie scorer whether high or not is to been seen, but at the least you can trade Kommer for Crouch round three for maybe 20-30K and Crouch in his first or second game ready to increase.

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