Dreamteam ROOKIE WATCH – NAB Round3

Nothing more important than picking the right rookies this year, so on this fine Sunday with no football, lets take some time to assess the ROOKIES performances in Round 3 of the NAB Cup. What’d they score, how’d they score it and some comments on how and where they played for you all.

2013 preseason

Noticeable absentees for Round3… Whitfield, Vlastuin, Viney, Michie.

Rookie Defenders


  • 14 touches, 6 marks and a tackle… but 13 of his posessions were kicks! That’s a good DT boy if I ever saw one.

DEAN TERLICH – Mel – 56 pts

  • 16 posessions and 6 marks, loves a handball but solid enough to think he will lineup for Round1. Had the best DT output of the Melbourne rookies.


  • 9 touches, 4 marks and a tackle and was barely noticeable as he slotted into the Cats defense. Decent output but at this stage there are better Defensive rookie options. Still someone to watch though.

SAM COLQUHOUN – Port – 26pts

  • 9 posessions and a tackle, but just nothing spectacular. Playing on some big bodied boys from the Eagles, he is gonna struggle at AFL level for now.

LEWIS STEVENSON – Port – 49pts

  • 10 posessions, 3 marks, 2 tackles and even a goal. The bigger body, more experience, a much more likely starter than Colquhoun and just a better player than Pittard, should make him your #1 Port defender in your DT this year. Put him on your DT def bench.

SAM DOCHERTY – Bris – 51pts

  • 13 posessions, 4 marks and 2 tackles, still not the output we were hoping for but signs through the game of link up run off half back as promised. I think after watching him he just needs more senior game experience, and the Lions should play him to help him settle into a role. Still a likely bench option for your DT.

Rookie Midfielders

BRAD CROUCH – Adel – 66pts

  • 15 touches, 6 marks, 1 tackle and a goal. Very exciting to see Crouchy as the linkup midfielder as the Crows ran from halfback. It looked like almost every rebound passed through Crouch before the runners going past drove the ball forward. Also exciting to see him lineup in a Crows midfield that boasted Thompson, Dangerfield, VanBerlo, Vince and Wright. LOCK HIM IN.

JED ANDERSON – Haw – 69pts

  • 15 touches, 3 marks, 3 tackles and a goal. Been very impressive all NAB cup and I guess its just that he plays for Hawthorn that we feel he just probably wont get a game straight away. But with a long term injury to suckling, we might see Jed running up the wing sooner than expected. Really like him. WATCHING.

NICH KOMMER – Ess – 27 pts

  • 7 touches and 2 tackles, subbed off in 3rd qtr

ELLIOT KAVANAGH – Ess – 80 pts

  • 20 touches, 4 marks, 2 tackles and a goal, looked comfortable but was playing boys his age in the GWS.

JIMMY TOUMPAS – Mel – 38pts

  • 12 touches, 2 marks a tackle and a goal and a pretty ok day out, if it werent for 3 free kicks against that stunted his scoring. It wasnt the WOW performance that we were hoping for to follow up his last NAB outing but there are signs there that he is a star. Lets give him another shot because at his price we need to be sure.

MATT JONES – Mel – 49pts

  • 15 touches, 5 marks and a tackle for this mature ager who could find his way into the team early in the season, so keep a watch on this one.


  • 15 touches 5 marks and tackle finishing the Bulldogs 4th top scorer, but probably says more about how rubbish the Bulldogs were/are than how good he was/is. Not looking in his direction yet because there are too many good 2nd year players to take his spot in Round 1.


  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Top scored for GC with 24 posessions, 4 marks and 4 tackles. Looked great. Looked settled. Looked like when Ablett is back he might even get more of it. LOCK HIM IN ALONG SIDE CROUCHY!


  • 10 touches, 2 marks, 2 tackles, started strongly and then barely touched it in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Not quite the rolls royce of Omeara but we all know he will get some game time and is therefore a genuine bench option.

OLI WINES – Port – 51pts

  • 5 kicks 10 handballs and 4 tackles, the stats of a hard inside midfielder who battled all night with the Gun WestCoast midfield and didnt make a fool of himself. He is such a lock in the Port team for Round 1, so if 50-60 pts is enough for you from a 150k rookie, then LOCK HIM IN.

KANE MITCHELL – Port – 31pts

  • um… 3 touches and 5 tackles. Why you might ask? Because he wasnt let loose to run through the midfield for 90% of the game. It almost looked like he lined up as a forward tagger, shutting down the run of Shannon Hurn for parts of the night. Granted he did play some time on the wing on Rosa, the stupid tagging role for such a free running high posession player who has a history of kicking goals just baffles me. Let him off his fkn chain!!!!! Still almost certain to start in my DT.

Rookie Rucks

DAN CURRIE – Kang – 77pts

  • 38 hitouts, 11 touches and 2 marks. YES. This is what we were waiting for, a rookie ruckman to take the leap and earn his spot in our DT bench and as a serious backup incase of injury. He is the real deal. Again no Goldstein and Currie looked like he slotted straight in. Im going early…. but is there a chance we found another Giles ??? LOCK HIM IN

MAJAK DAW – Kang – 68pts

  • 7 kicks, 4 marks, 6 hitouts, 5 tackles, won 3 freekicks and kicked a goal. What more does he need to do!? He took some very strong and athletic marks particularly up forward, and tackled aggressively around the ground. He is going to explode. Looks like an all Kanagroos Ruck bench this year. LOCK HIM IN TOO!

JARROD WITTS – Coll – 21pts

  • urgh. 13 hitouts and 3 touches. Just showed us nothing again, and had such a genuine opportunity to make his name heard through the NAB cup and has failed to do so. At this stage, the 2 Kangas rookie rucks are gold in comparison.

Rookie Forwards

TOM LEE – StK – 54pts

  • 10 touches, 7 marks and 0 goals 4 behinds. Kick it straight Tommy bloody hell!!! One of the few talked about Fwd Rookie options for 2013 and played in a team that had both Riewoldt and Kossy in it. There is nothing overwhelming here that says pick him, but he could be the best of an absent bunch at the moment.

BEN KENNEDY – Coll – 73pts

  • 19 touches, 4 marks, 2 tackles and a goal, looked a real livewire, fighting hard in the action and running like a madman. OMG is this the fwd rookie option we have been waiting for. Bit to do before he gets named in a Pies team though. DOWNGRADE OPTION (hopefully)

JAKE NEADE – Port – 35pts

  • 8 kicks, 2 marks and a goal and at this stage is fighting Tom Lee for which fwd rookie we can have on our bench scoring under 50 each week. I think if he gets a game at Port, its almost worth picking him. He is fast and finds a way to get in the action. And never handballs it. And will probably pick up a goal a match. I hate to say it, but might be equal best of a non-existent fwd rookie bunch.

Ok thats a wrap, if i missed anyone and you want some details please let me know in the comments below.


22 thoughts on “Dreamteam ROOKIE WATCH – NAB Round3

    • Id love to see him get some game time into him but I know he had some setbacks in preseason and to be honest i dont think Carlton need to rush him back. Hopefully he doesnt come into the side early, so we can use him as a Downgrade option after about Round 7,8,9 when our forward rookies max out.

  1. I think both Wines and Viney are going to be good hard inside midfielders who will get games and should average between 50-60 DT pts early so good choices. In the midfield, I think everyone needs O’meara (GC) and Crouch (Adel)… they both look certain starters and have what it takes to avg 60+. There’s also Jones, Toumpas, Mitchell and co. There are too many good midfield options to squeeze Menzel in there.
    Menzel is of course a FWD or MID dual position player but with such a lack of FWD rookie options, if Menzel gets a go for Carlton later in the year, I think you need to get him onto your Forward line bench.

  2. Tim, lock in Macaffer. He is currently the first in my fwd bench, but many have him on the field. I think he will play in the Pies best 22. Especially while Thomas is injured.

  3. yeah , i’ve got macaffer and kennedy ( both collingwood ) in my forward bench, who should i kick off the team?
    and with my midfield, who should i start on the bench, and who should start on the field: J, O’meara ( GC )
    D, Rample (Sydney)
    K, Mitchell ( Port )
    O, Wines ( Port )
    or K, Lucas ( Blues )
    THANKS 😀

    • Omeara mitchell wines on the field. Think ur missing Crouch (crows) who will get more games and pts than Rampe. Of course Lucas isnt a rookie so i imagine youll start him on field instead of maybe mitchell.

  4. Very important that you use your rookies as a source of income. Just like the stock market, buy them cheap and as they play a few games they increase in price.
    There is no point having rookies on bench who arent playing.
    So wait for Round1 teams to be announced, put in a rookie forward who is aplying (Neade, Patton, Lee, Kennedy) and sell them a number of weeks later to pick up Menzel for example, and pocket the extra cash to help upgrade someone else.
    The lesson: no point having rookies on bench who arent playing, if there are others who are and are making money.

  5. Thank you !
    very helpful, though im not 100% on who is going to be listed in certain teams top 22 for the first few rounds, as your lesson was, ‘no point having rookies on bench who aren’t playing, if there are other who are and are making money’, i dont really know who are going to be the ones playing, but i understand your theory.

    • Lucky you have us here at DTFML who will let you know when the teams are picked for Round1 which rookies to get on. 🙂
      Check back regularly and check our Cheat Sheets for our own teams!!

  6. also,
    heres my team, any thoughts on who to kick off the team, or who should be benched come round 1?
    Backs: Heath Scotland, Dyson Heppell, Heath Sha, Brandon Ellis, C-Guthrie & Nick Vlastuin. BENCH – B Goodes & L Stevenson.
    Mids: Dane Swan (captain), Trent Cotchin, Pendlebury, Scott Thompson, Dayne Zorko, Kane Lucas, O Wines, K Mitchell. BENCH – O’meara & D Rampe.
    Rucks: Patrick Ryder, Majak Daw. BENCH – S Rowe & D Currie.
    Forwards: Paul Chapman, Roughhead, Rioli, Steven Motlop, Saad (saints), Ricky Petterd ( new tigers player ) BENCH – macaffer and ben kennedy ( both pies )
    who to change and keep? THANKS !! P.S have about 40k left.

    • check out our Cheat Sheets, you can find them on hone page on the right. Id like to see some older players of yours swapped to their younger alternatives… Scotland to Gibbs, Heppell or Goddard. Chapman to Rockliff, Robinson or Martin.
      Be wary of 2nd year players liek Saad… For hia price you could get a genuine breakout player like Karnezis or a better player coming back from injury like Josh Kennedy, Shannon Byrnes or Trav Varcoe.
      Also scared you dont have Ablett. He is a DT god.

  7. okay, cheers for them ideas, arrangements are done.
    you think my forward ‘motlop’ should change to something like karnezis, byrnes or varcoe? just like i did with Saad – Kennedy, and should i do the same thing with ricky petterd? Thanks, sorry for all the questions 🙂

    • I’d say most people are going with a selection of bargain priced experienced players, like Byrnes Kennedy Varcoe lecras and Macaffer … But it is those 1 or 2 different players you gamble on that separate your team as your own and could be the difference in winning your league. After saying that, I personally wouldn’t take motlop or petterd, think there’s more upside to the others.

  8. DTFML some feedback on my side would be appreciated

    Backs: B.Goddard, B.Gibbs, B.Lake, N.Vlastuin, B.Goodes, L.Stevenson, (S.Docherty, D.Terlich)
    Mids: D.Swan, G.Ablett, B. Delidio, P.Dangerfield, M.Murphy, K.Mitchell, B.Crouch, J.O’Meara, (O.Wines, J.Viney)
    Rucks: D.Cox, M. Leuenberger, (S.Rowe, M.Daw)
    Forwards: L.Franklin, P.Chapman, T.Rockcliff, T.Cloke, J.Kennedy, T.Varcoe, (B.Macaffer, T.Lee)
    $41K left

    Can I get away with a weak backline, and if not im guessing downgrade chappy for someone like M.Wright and use the leftover cash to beef backs up?
    Probably considering a couple of swans mid in early rounds too due to easy draw too.

    • Dont mind the 5 defensive rookies, that structure is fine but I think you need 3 absolute guns to go with them, and Lake certainly isnt that. Think Heppell, Waters, Birchall or Shaw as your 3rd.
      Chapman would probably be the best to downgrade, he can score, but is rather injury prone. Also really like the idea of a sydney midfielder in for round 1 like you mentioned. Thumbs up there.

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