NAB Round 2 – What We Learnt? (part2)

Welcome to Part 2 of ‘WHAT WE LEARNT’ from this Round 2 of the NAB Cup.

nab cup

Brisbane 13.22.100 def. GWS 14.13.97

Dayne Zorko breaks the 2nd year rule and should probably be picked again this year as a Premo Fwd. 96 DT pts from 17 touches, 7 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals. He really does look the goods.

Patrick Karnesis… oh come on you arent still asking who are you??? Was brilliant again running fwd from the wing and helping out down back for 80 DT pts from 26 touches and a goal. Seriously backed up his 1st round, and is probably seriously worth considering as a cheap mid priced Fwd option, competing with Byrnes, Varcoe or Kennedy for a spot in your team. Lets see one more game though first.

Rockliff scored 53 DT pts in a half and is a LOCK.

Docherty was ok down back, with 43 DT pts from 15 touches, but had 11 handballs, not exactly what i expect from a running half back. Still on the maybe list.

Moloney was not as impressive as his first week and needs to do more to earn a mid price spot in our precious midfields. Hold off for now.

Toby Greene scored a tody 83 DT pts in less than 3 qtrs but not surprised there.

Lachie Whitfield, #1 draft pick had a real good run scoring 89 DT pts in his first match for GWS with 17 touches, 9 marks and 4 tackles. Looked good, job security should be fine being the #1 pick and at this rate he may actually be worth his high rookie starting price. Back it up nextg week Lachie and i reckon we’ll lock you in.

Jon Patton suffered a corky just before half time and went off injured for 24 DT pts. Cant wait to see him play out a full game and show his potential.


Carlton 18.16.124 def. Fremantle 7.12.54

Duffield took advantage of the ball being in his half all match, with a very strong 113 DT pts from 21 touches, 7 marks, a staggering 8 tackles and won 4 free kicks. He is seriously ready for you to put him in as your 4th Defender.

Mundy fought hard all day with a good 85 DT pts including 2 goals, Nat Fyfe struggled and was barely seen for 41 and Danyle Pearce ran everywhere but only scored 66 pts from 17 touches. All three need to show more to get a spot in our Dreamteams.

Griffin easily filled in for Sandi with 26 hitouts and a spread of touches around the ground for 82 pts.

Mitch Robinson (99 pts) LOCK in your Fwd line.

Bryce Gibbs (87 pts) LOCK in your Defense.

Murphy (81 pts) didnt quite dominate in a game where his team did… and didnt show as much ‘Premo’ promise as Dangerfield did this week.

Sam Rowe struggled for most of the day and was subbed off in the 3rd qtr, while other Carlton talls played well. Not very sure he has job security so pick as ruck or fwd rookie with caution.


Melbourne 12.6.78 def. Port Adelaide 11.10.76

No Viney, no Toumpas and no Shannon Byrnes meant barely any DT relevant interest in the Dees team.

Terlich’s 58 DT pts in defense showed enough again to keep him on our defensive bench spot.

Hamish Hartlett was electric for Port, with 104 DT pts from 23 touches and 3 goals running forward from the mid. However this was against a very weak Melbourne team and you cant jump to too many conclusions.

Kane Mitchell however as a rookie showed run and carry and broke lines and when he passed 40 DT pts before qtr time I think Twitter nearly imploded. Finished on 100 DT pts from 26 touches, but had terrible kicking efficiency which the coach wont appreciate in Round 1. At this stage, you can lock him in though for a Mid spot on your field.

Oli Wines also put his hand up for selection with 76 pts working hard inside the mid and won a ridiculous 6 free kicks.

Lewis Stevenson was good down back but handballed too much in his 64 pts. I think he is favoured amongst the Port rookie defenders at this stage.

Sam Colquhoun scored 78 pts from 19 touches floating around un marked in defense. He is frickin skinny and not sure he is ready for the big stage, but if he gets a game, he will wrack up the cheap posessions and DT pts.

St. Kilda 13.12.90 def. Sydney 9.13.67

Very big lack of DT relevant watchlist players in this game but a few quick thoughts…

Jude Bolton’s 111 DT pts and a very easy first 2 rounds against GWS and GC make him a tempting Fwd option for your DT.

Sipposs had another disappointing showing, as the apparent ‘replacement’ for Goddard, his 45 pts just simply aint gonna cut it.


That’s it for Part 2 of What we Learnt for this round of the NAB Cup.

Was there anything you learnt that hasnt been mentioned? Share it below in the comments for everyone.


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