NAB Round 2 Review – WestCoast vs Collingwood

Our final Review for Round 2 of the NAB Cup comes as Justo, Akka and Baker got to watch first hand the Eagles get downed by the Pies at Patterson Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Here are their thoughts…

nab cup


Scott Selwood was EVERYWHERE and showed no sign of playing a defensive midfield role that has held him back in years past. This was a surprise considering there was no Wellingham to take that defensive role from him, and considering the class of the opposition midfield. This was the sign that I have been looking for and Scooter didnt disappoint with a  comprehensive 117 DT pts, from 28 touches, 8 marks and 6 tackles. More exciting was his 6 shots on goal from within the 50m arc, evidence of a more attacking Scotty than ever before. Unfortunately he kicked 1.4 and an out of bounds on the full. Take my word… as an avid West Coast fan… this is the year of Scott Selwood. I am locking him in my Dreamteam.

Chris Masten was equally as good once again, noticeably starting centre bounces in the middle and running all day from defense to forward as a link up midfielder. 113 DT pts from 25 touches and an impressive 9 tackles!  Shuey (91), Priddis (88) and Gaff (86) were all equally impressive with their usual output.


The full game return for Mark Lecras was impressive with 4 goals and 76 DT pts, and while he started at least one centre bounce in the middle during the 2nd qtr, he just doesnt look fit enough or needed enough to do it regularly. While he looked classy and amazing as ever when he was near it, if he isnt kicking 4 goals each week he simply might not score enough DT pts to make him worth the spot in your DT.

Josh Kennedy also returned to his usual strong leading high marking funny runupping goal kicking ways for 50 DT pts. A good return but nothing special in a game where Collingwood had it their end most of the 2nd half.

Embley had a slight Hammy strain early in the match and was subbed off and reminded us of the risks involved in picking older players who are coming back from injuries. Probably wanna stay clear at this stage.

Lycett scored 42 pts from some time up forward and a small amount of time in the Ruck, playing the Natanui fill-in role. As a rookie he has to be considered if NicNat cant get back from injury.


Pendles was everywhere and had all the time in the world to earn his 99 DT pts. Showed us plenty, and worth every penny.

Sidebottom was even more everywhere if thats possible in the 2nd half particularly where he cleaned up the scrappy Eagles midfield for 109 DT pts including 2 goals. Devastating that he is no longer DPP and as a midfielder alone I just cant see him getting a game in our DT’s.

Heath Shaw reminded us that he is a Premo defender to consider with 91 DT pts, taking almost every single kick from full back and almost always kicking to himself.

Swanny didnt look like he cared to be there or was trying, and still scored 76 somehow. Barely saw him all night, as Pendles and Sidey took the limelight.

Seedsman was noticeable through the midfield, playing a role that Dayne Beams would usually play. His precise kicking and run stood out as he scored 66 DT pts and staked his first claim to be considered as a cheap mid price option.

Hudson played the first half in the ruck against Coxy and scored 22 pts and only 6 hitouts. Witts took over at half time and scored 30 pts and 9 hitouts, and at this stage I have no bloody idea what Buckley is gonna do with his Ruck in Round 1 so Witts remains on the maybe list for now.


That’s a wrapup of the Pies defeat of the Eagles from the sidelines.

Hope you enjoyed the read.


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