(Exclusive) Interview with DAVID MUNDY

DT-relevant Freo midfielder DAVE MUNDY took some time this week to do an exclusive interview for DreamteamFML. What a great bloke and a big thanks for his time and insight. A few things to think about after this one…


Q: Dave, you are on a lot of peoples watch list for their DT midfield this year,
but some have been scared off by reports of an ankle injury. You’ll be right for round 1 yeh?

Round 1 is looking good! Had my first hit out for 2013 against Adelaide and have pulled up really well.

(Mundy has been named to play this week against Carlton.)


Q: Champion data stats show your own Kick to Handball ratio doubled last season!!!
Can you keep that up this year mate, we get more DT points for all those kicks!

I think everyone enjoys kicking the ball more than hand balling so I will definitely try. The biggest problem will be guys like Stephen Hill, who are lightning quick and if they run past me I will have to handball.


Q: Danyle Pearce is of great interest in the DT world. Is he training along with you, Barlow and Fyfey in the midfield group, or are we more likely to see him running from half back with Duff and Ibbo?

I think we will see that Danyle, or Darryl as the boys like to call him, will be all over the place this year. I would not be surprised to see him spend some time through half forward, half back and in the middle.

(Danyle Pearce is a $376k Def/Mid and with Mundy suggesting he’ll spend time in mid and up forward he could be a genuine mid priced defense option for your DT. Watch in NAB Cup closely)


Q: And since I mentioned Fyfe, reports are he’s bulked up… who’s gonna kill it more this year… you or him?

Definitely him. He is an absolute beast of a man now and I’m just glad I don’t have to play on him!

(Fyfe is a $458k midfielder and most consider well underpriced due to shoulder injuries in 2012. If he stays fit he’ll avg 100+. Could you pick him as your 5th midfielder? Reports of him bulking up, running PB’s, and dominated the 2nd quarter in the scratchmatch against Adelaide all point to yes… you can pick him with confidence.)


Q: With Broughton departing for GoldCoast, Im kind of hoping my fave man Paul Duffield might scrap some more possessions down back… what are your thoughts?

Duff has for years been a very skilled rebounding defender for us. Towards the end of last season he really started to string some great footy together and I can’t see any reason for that trend not to continue.

(Duffield is a $426k defender who averaged 82 in 2012, but has averaged as high as 89 before. He finished 2012 on fire and we think he could easily slot into your 4th defender spot for 2013.)


Q: I imagine all you midfielders are excited when big Sandi is back in the ruck. Is he still your #1 ruck and could we see him at his best? or do you see him letting the young rucks take over this year?

I think with all our ruckmen fit and firing Aaron is still our number 1 ruck. But big Griff is a very good ruckman and has really shown alot in the games he has managed at Freo. With either big guy in the middle our mids are confident our systems will hold up.

(Jon Griffen is a $397k ruck who will get early games with Sandi missing 8 weeks with a hamstring injury.)


Q: Finally and most importantly for DT… Any youngsters you think we should keep an eye on through the NAB cup?

I’m really excited to see how Viv Michie goes this year. He has had a really ordinary run with injuries in his first few years in the west but so far this pre season he has really improved and is gearing up for a big year.

(Great one Dave! That’s 2 dockers players who have told me to watch Viv Michie this preseason so there must be some serious hype within the club for his potential. Michie is a $108k rookie forward who has been with the dockers for 2 seasons but been unlucky with injuries. This could be his year. Watch watch watch. ROOKIE ALERT!)


Another huge thanks to Dave Mundy for his time and insight to the Dockers preseason.

So what about Dave Mundy himself for your DT? So many people debating Fyfe or Mundy here in the West for that 5th midfield spot.

dave mundy stats

And what about these Dockers…

  • Danyle Pearce as a midpriced defender who will play mid and forward time?
  • Nat Fyfe the ‘beast of a man’ ?
  • Paul Duffield to continue his form from late 2012?
  • Jon Griffen as a genuine Ruck option while Sandi is down?
  • Viv Michie, the rookie that the Dockers themselves rate so highly?

Anything Mundy said that got your attention? Any of these players sneaking into your team?

Let us know with a comment below…

2 thoughts on “(Exclusive) Interview with DAVID MUNDY

  1. I want to get Fyfe in, but am struggling who to take out for him. Am very happy with my first choice mids and don’t have enough cash to get him in further down the line. I may regret it down the track, but Swan, Ablett, Murphy, Mitchell and Cotchin are pretty handy premiums and i think i’ll stick with them

    If i feel the need to change about my ruck/fwd combo, i may get him in to save some cash…..

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