Baker’s DreamTeam Cheat Sheet 2013 v1

Today we have the first upload of Baker’s Cheat Sheet for 2013.

It includes his complete team after the first 2 weekends of NAB cup and a quick brief on each selection. Hopefully it can stir some thought, questions and arguments about who you are starting in your Dream Team in 2013.


baker cheat sheet v1


Goddard – Must Have
Gibbs – Must Have
Waters – One of 3 possible targets, I think as long as Beau stays injury free he is a must have but other possibilities are Suckling or Heppell, check them out before the season starts
Birchall – Very impressive last year but I could never afford to bring him in. He will do well this year with Lake down back allowing him the freedom to run into the midfield more, however I am keeping a close eye on Broughton and Duffield for this same spot in my DT.
Goodes – No not Adam, Brett, he is a gun pickup for the Bulldogs. With the departure of Lake and Hargrave he will definitely get game time. Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
Stevenson – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
Docherty – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
Terlich – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!


Swan – Must Have, if you do not have him in your team then delete your Dream Team IMMEDIATELY!
Ablett – Must Have, Same as above delete twice!
Pendlebury – Even missing time last season with a leg injury he still averaged 110. He will dominate with Swan this year.
Jack – I made this decision because of the draw Sydney has in the first two rounds against Gold Coast and GWS. I only plan to keep one of either Jack or O’Keefe after round 3. I want their big scores.
O’Keefe – I’m thinking I will keep Ryan over Kieran, however I am still undecided.
Wines – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
Crouch – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
O’Meara – If Gary Ablett says he wants to play for O’Meara because will be captain when the Gold Coast wins its first Premiership, I want in on that action!
Mitchell – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
Viney – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!


Cox – I still think he is the No 1 ruck in the competition. I did have Sandilands but with his current injury I moved Cox from my forward line back to my ruck.
Leuenberger – He is a bargain price and sure to go up in price. Long term I will use him to upgrade to a Naitanui or a Maric.
O’hAilpin – Sheedy said he wants Setanta to get his 200 games means he will play occasionally and probably share ruck duties with Giles but will also push forward and kick goals. Hopefully.
Currie – With the departure of Macintosh to Geelong, either he or Daw will get game time. Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!


Franklin – As a Hawks man I can’t go passed my main man Buddy. He will dominate as he always does.
Robinson – I had Mitch in my team all year last year and he very rarely let me down. My thinking is the more midfielders you have in your forward line the better. They are going to make more points than an outright forward.
Lewis – Jordan really impressed me with his attack on the footy last year and I wished I had picked him from the start. He will never give up and always give you a good consistent return for your money.
Varcoe – Bargain priced fwd/mid due to injury last year. Should be a good little money earner ready for an upgrade later on in the season.
Byrnes – Premiership player with Geelong, surely he is gonna cut loose at Melbourne. Was best on ground during an intra-club match. Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
Macaffer – Injury is why this player is so well priced. He will play and make some good money for my team. Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
Growden – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!
Lee – Cash Cow $$$ Cha Ching!


Ha Ha Baker you make it look so easy. Thanks heaps for taking some time to share your team with us all. I imagine you’ll change it 30 times between now and Round 1 (like the rest of us hahaha) but we really appreciate the insight into your thoughts at this early stage.

Stay tuned for more Cheat Sheets right through the NAB cup leading into Round 1.

24 thoughts on “Baker’s DreamTeam Cheat Sheet 2013 v1

  1. I enjoy the uniques you have Baker.
    Lewis instead of Rockliff for example. Rocky is certainly the more popular pick, but Lewis is such a safe selection that it really works.
    Crazy enough i think even Birchall is a unique this year, when a must have in previous years. Looks like most people are going with Heppell, Broughton, Duffield and crew. Again i think you have gone safe, unique and have a strong team.

      • Yeh last year Grimesy spent a lot more time through the midfield rather than the half back line and with Melbourne where they are I imagine this will continue through 2012. A defender playing through the midfield… sounds like Goddard, Gibbs and Heppell. Thats a thumbs up for Grimes in my mind.
        But Birchall has been a stalwart of my DT for the past 2 years and will once again be solid, reliable and in a hawks backline that loves the short kick and mark, he can always be relied upon for a solid 80.
        Either way I think you are all good this year.

      • Yep love Waters, probably fighting players like Heppell, Grimes and Birchall for that 3rd defensive spot on our DTs. If he iant carrying any injury, Id put him right up there with the best.

      • I guess either waters or birchall is fine. They are both great picks.
        I am very confident waters will be one of the top 6 defenders this year and most sides will have him by about mid year. Starting with him could save u some hassle

      • Stevie J will outscore bartel and chapman, and if he wasnt missing round1 suspended i think majority of teams would start him. He really is a genuine midfielder now that we can select forward. I’ll be looking to bring him in. Bartel is competing with players like Robinson, Zorko, Martin and others who play a bit mid and a bit up forward.
        Rocky and Johnson will play far more mid time than those guys.

      • Haha you aint nagging. This is what we are here for!
        Great question too… For most of preseason I have had both Murphy or Fyfe and at some points both… Both underpriced and both set to explode. If i had to pick one… Id take Fyfe

      • Both great options in fwd line.
        Karnezis is the unique… Only just showing his form at AFL level so most people are a bit scared to jump on. But he played midfield in NEAFL last year and averaged huge scores, and Ossy has him on a wing… Looks good, I got him.
        Varcoe is the safe option, but still a solid option that most people are on.
        So it’s up to you… Do you wanna be safe, or yell K A R N E Z I S at the tv all year with a smile on ur face…
        Ur call

    • This is my team:

      Defence: Goddard,Gibbs,waters,heppel,vlastuin,b.goodes
      Subs: L. Stevenson,D.Terlich

      Midfield: Swan,Ablett,cotchin,pendlebury,fyfe,wines,o’meara,viney
      Subs: K.Mitchell,B.Crouch

      Rucks: Cox,Leuenberger
      Subs: D.Currie, Osborne coz used money else where.

      Forwards: Franklin,Stevie J,Rockcliff,Karnezis,S.Byrnes,Macaffer
      Subs: B.Kennedy, B.Murdoch

      Can u give me feed back on wat I should do to make it better thanks

      • Thanks mate. We are putting together a frickin awesome 5page cheat sheet including all our teams and advice that will be released on Monday after the NAB final !!
        Gonna be a great read! Stay tuned!

    • Do u think it is better to have 5 premo mids 1 mid premo and 3 rookies on the field or can u tell me wat the best setup is plz!!

      • I think both are great choices… but with Franklin, I think everyone knows he should drop a bit in price over his first month and might be ripe for the picking in a few weeks. I personally want Stevie J so will have someone as a placeholder for him… maybe Bartel, Chapman, Robinson.

  2. Sydney Swans represent! O’keefe and Jack will dominate rounds 1 and 2 and you are going to reap the rewards Mr Baker. Thanks for confirming my own choices.

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