WatchList REVIEW – Brisbane vs GoldCoast vs Hawthorn

nab cup

SATURDAY NIGHT – Brisbane vs GoldCoast vs Hawthorn

On Friday morning we listed our DTFML Watch List for Round 1 of the NAB Cup, including the Rookies, Bargains and Guns we were most looking forward to seeing as they fight for a spot in our own DreamTeams. So how did they go…?

Firstly, results of the 3 games were as follows:

  • Gold Coast 0.4.6 30 def. Hawthorn 0.4.5 29
  • Brisbane 0.4.8 32 def. Hawthorn 0.1.5 11
  • Brisbane 0.8.9 57 def. Gold Coast 0.3.6 24


zorko nab cup 1

RookiesDochertyNEED MORE

Docherty had 4 touches and a tackle down back against the Hawks but needed to show more, and didnt against GC with only 3 touches.

Bargains Claye Beams – NEED A LOT MORE

An underwhelming 6 touches for Beams as his midfield ‘gun’ friends dominated. Karnezis showed plenty however with 10 posessions, 3 marks, 2 tackles and ran all over the field from deep back through the mid to the forward line where he kicked a behind. 45 DT pts (2nd highest) puts him on many peoples watch list i imagine.

GunsRockliff, Redden and Zorko – YES, NEED MORE, YES

39 DT pts for Rocky from 9 touches, 2 marks and 3 tackles was a strong showing first up, followed by 40 DT pts from 13 touches. Played midfield exclusively so he’s a Lock for our DT forward lines.
Zorko was terrific up forward with 2 goals in his 31 DT pts forllowed by 26 DT pts and another goal.
Redden didnt feature much with 6 touches and 20 DT pts, but followed up with 10 touches (mostly handballs) for 26 pts.
Moloney surprised looking fitter and stronger and ran a muck through the midfield… mmm… watch him perhaps.

Gold Coast

ablett nab cup 1

RookiesO’Meara and Lonergan – YES and WATCHING

O’Meara (the rolls royce) was consistent in both games, operating solely through the midfield with 19 DT pts in each game from 7 and 6 posessisons each. He looked comfortable but not dominant in any manner, and will no doubt play, and therefore should be picked, but no signs of huge scores for him.
Longeran had a great game against the Lions with 28 DT pts from 8 posessions, 2 tackles and kicked 2 behinds. He’s a big boy and slotted easily into AFL level, and will continue to be watched closely by us here at DTFML for the rest of the NAB cup.

Bargains – Bennell, Broughton MAYBE and FML NOT AGAIN

Bennell was everywhere in game 1 acgainst the Hawks with 7 touches, 3 marks and 2 goals for 40 DT pts, and backed it up with a lesser 21 pts from 8 touches. Strong performance and exciting to see how he progresses through the next 2 rounds.
Broughton was reasonable in game 1 and nowhere in game 2. He lined up in the backline and spent no time running through the midfield. I spent both games cursing myself (FML!!) for considering him all preseason. He is off my watch list. Feel free to watch him if you dare.

Guns – Ablett – YES OBVIOUSLY

Ablett played only the first game and dominated, with 12 posessions and 3 tackles winning 3 free kicks. He top scored with 44 DT pts and looked once again a lock-asaurus-rex. He is a DT monster. Lock him in.


franklin nab cup 1

RookiesJed Anderson – WATCH

Anderson actually impressed with a few clean touches and tackling in game 1 and similar output in game 2, for 19 and 25 DT pts. Word from Hawthorn during the week is that they expect him to get some games in 2013, so I am particularly watching him closely.
Langford and Wangerneen also showed a bit, but not confident of them getting many senior games.

Bargains – Breust – NOT LIKELY

3 touches and 1 goal doesnt sound like a move into the midfield to me. Thats what preseason talk was about, but i dont think so. Not likely to be DT relevant playing forward, so its a not likely so far for me.

Guns – Suckling and Franklin

Suckling was great in game 1 running forward through the midfield and bombing typical suckling like bombs at goal from about 200 metres away. 32 DT pts and 13 touches in game 1, but disappeared and scored basically nothing in game 2. Looks the goods once again, but fighting some big name defenders for a spot in our team. Its a YES… but fight harder Suckers.
Franklin was … well… not very good to be honest. Looked rusty… and fought hard for posessions, but was regularly gang tackled, was lucky not to give away some free kicks and is probably just looking forward to playing a real game. Cant write off a champion for a warm up game. Still a YES and looking forward to his next match.


Thats our take on the DT relevant players for Saturdays game.

Coming tomorrow a review of Sundays matches.


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