WatchList REVIEW – Kangaroos vs Melbourne vs Richmond

nab cup

FRIDAY NIGHT – Kangaroos vs Melbourne vs Richmond

On Friday morning we listed our DTFML Watch List for Round 1 of the NAB Cup, including the Rookies, Bargains and Guns we were most looking forward to seeing as they fight for a spot in our own DreamTeams. So how did they go…?

Firstly, results of the 3 games were as follows:

  • Kangaroos 1.4.5 38 def. Melbourne 0.5.6 36
  • Richmond 1.2.9 30 def. Melbourne 0.2.3 15
  • Kangaroos 0.7.6 48 def. Richmond 0.6.8 44


daw nab cup 1

RookiesCurrie (ruck) and Daw (ruck/fwd) – YES and YES

Majak Daw’s highlight package looks set to follow in the Natanui trend, absent for patches and then remarkable at times. His goal against Richmond as he ‘dont argued’ Steve Morris and ran into the 50 to slot the goal was spectacular and will probably be goal of the NAB cup. Daw scored 33 DT pts against the Tigers and 24 DT pts against the Dees, to show some real promise.
Currie rucked strongly in game 2 for 32 DT pts with 12 hitouts and 4 posessions, and looked to easily fill Hamish McIntosh’s boots.
Can see both playing in 2013 at times, with Daw more likely to co-exist with Petrie up forward, and Currie to share ruck duties with Goldstein.

Bargains Goldstein and Atley NOT YET and MAYBE

Goldy barely played more than a few minutes, scoring 5DT pts from 5 hitouts against Melbourne. Need to see some more. Atley was terrific running from half back through the midfield, scoring 44DT pts from 10 touches and 6 marks in game 1 followed by less impact in game 2. Need consistency, and would love some more kicks in a Kangas team that runs and handballs endlessly.

GunsSwallow – YES

Consistently everywhere, Swallow should emerge this year as a super premo option for DT’ers. 50 DT pts and 12 touches followed by 48 DT pts and 12 touches, along with some handy tackles showed us he is ready to explode this year.


toumpas nab cup 1

RookiesViney, Terlich, Jones and Toumpas – YES, MAYBE, MAYBE, YES

My man Jimmy Toumpas was the surprise pack, despite much pre-game love going to Viney. Toumpas was dominant against Richmond with 41 DT pts from 8 posessions, 3 marks a tackle and a goal. He is a star.
Viney was consistent but quiet, with 16DT pts from 5 touches and 14DT pts from 5 touches, as expected. Wont score big this year, but will play, and will make some money for us DT’ers.
Matt Jones, mature aged recruit looked good in patches with 19 DT pts from 6 touches and a mark through the midfield. Need to see more.
Terlich was barely noticeable with 17 DT pts down back and also need to see more.

Bargains – Byrnes – PROBABLY

High expectations after news that he kicked 5 goals in an intra-club scratchie a week ago, but underwhelmed us with half a dozen touches and 12 DT pts against the Kangas. Provided some good run going forward and was composed and still watching closely.

Guns – Grimes – YES

Again barely noticeable but still found 35 DT pts from 7 touches, 4 marks and 2 tackles against the Tigers, after a less imposing 19 DT pts from 5 touches against the Kangas. Played almost exclusviely in the midfield and attended most centre bounces, which bodes well to pick as a defender in DT. Its still a YES, but cant wait to see him through a full game.


martin nab cup 1

RookiesVlastuin – YES

A star in the making, Richmond’s #9 draft pick did not disappoint in his first outing, looking composed, classy and showed us his contested ball winning skills. 23 DT pts followed by 24 DT pts showed consistency of effort, with 9 posessions against the Kangas and some glorious spins and evades in tight. Instantly elevated himself from a watch to a yes you can pick him with confidence.

Bargains – Ellis, KnightsYES and MAYBE

I just have a sneaky suspicion that Brandon Ellis’s 2nd year will be a standout, compared to other 2012 rookies, and last night started to confirm this for me. Playing predominantly through the midfield/wing like i hoped, Ellis knocked up 29 DT pts from 9 touches and a commanding 36 DT pts from 9 touches, 3 marks and a goal against the Kangas. At $300k… could be a mega bargain in 2013. Shhh, he’s my smokey.
Knights move to Richmond has given him plenty of preseason DT attention, and 8 posessions for 20 DT pts was a good indicator to keep him on your watch list.

GunsMaric, Deledio, Martin, Cotchin

None of the guns played much game time to be honest, and all showed glimpses of brilliance at times. Dusty Martin was the standout from more game time up forward running around near Riewoldt. 36 Dt pts against the Dees in a standout performance was his highlight, but I am super concerned that he simply cannot break out like everyone expects and become a 100+ avg player if he is starting deep forward constantly, and not running through the midfield.


Thats it for the Friday night matches.
Stay tuned for WatchList Reviews for the rest of this weekends matches.

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