(Exclusive) Interview with WILL SCHOFIELD

There is no doubt in the West that the DT guru at the WestCoast Eagles is my main man Will Schofield.

Will was a total champ to take some time this week from his preseason to give us an inside scoop on his own DreamTeam for 2013.

You might remember his segment on Eagle Vision last year where he admitted he spends his 6 to 8 hours on his own dream team each week and even proposed the 10 point ninja flip change to the scoring system (unfortunately not included in DT this season).

schofield eagle vision

So firstly, how did your DreamTeam perform last season?

Will: I finished inside the top 5000 nationally I think.

(not bad Will, but if you feel like a real challenge, join the DTFML league and take us on mate!!!)

Who will be your first player picked in your team this year?

Will: Not necessarily first picked, but Matty Suckling always ends up in my team no matter how many edits I make.

(Me too Will, we all love Suckers here at DTFML. Matt Suckling is a $426,900 defender at Hawthorn)

Who are the WestCoast players you might pick in your team this year? Cox? Shuey? Selwood? Kennedy? LeCras?

Will: I don’t usually have a lot of WCE players in, mainly as we don’t have great scorers. But Coxy is a lock, JK and Lecca are smokeys.

(If Coxy is a lock for you mate, then he is for me too! Currently over 16% of all teams have LeCras selected and nearly 11% have JoshKennedy, so its nice to know you’re watching them too.)

And who is training the house down that DT’ers might wanna watch? Can you give us a name?

Will: Every year I have a steal from WCE that not a lot have. Priddis was big one year, Gaff and JD last year, this year I have another. But it’s a secret……. Can’t have everyone on a good thing!!!

(mmm… Scotty Lycett maybe? Or could the housemates Selwood and Shuey be his big breakout contenders…? Damn you Will, give me a name!)

Thanks mate, you are a legend!
One last question for ya: Why should our readers pick Will Schofield in their Dreamteam?

Will: If you want to win in dream team I’m not the man for you, even for value!!!!!!(Will Schofield is a $313,700 defender for WCE, who averaged 60.89 in 2012 over 18 games.)
(Probably wont make it into my team again this year mate, unless you can run forward and smash a few more kick+goals on the run this year)
schofield stats
Big thanks again to Will Schofield for taking a few minutes to share some thoughts.
If he is locking Coxy in… so am I… and so should you. Funny enough only 33% of teams have Coxy selected at this point. What the hell is everyone else waiting for… he is even dual position for us… lock Cox in for goodness sake!
We’ll hit Will up for an update on how his team is going and some more inside goss in the months ahead.
What do you think of his other picks…?
  • Matt Suckling
  • Josh Kennedy
  • Mark Lecras
Are you having them in your DT this year?

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