Dreamteam Rookie Performance – Toumpas and Vlastuin

Continuing our Dream Team Rookies articles for 2013, we look at two rookies who in one match have arrived!

This evening, Richmond faced off against Melbourne and 2 of the competitions brightest young stars showed us all in the dreamteam world that sometimes the $140,000+ price that top draft picks command may well be worth it after all.

All preseason I have been watching O’Meara, Crouch, Viney and co, who were all priced at the $100k-$110k mark. Not entirely discounting the slightly higher priced options like Lonergan and Mitchell, I had however almost completely ignored the $140k rookies. Surely our cheaper alternatives could deliver just as well. Well tonight… two players staked their claim for our teams.

toumpas and vlastuin

JIMMY TOUMPAS – Melbourne – Midfield – $170,200

With Viney, Jones and Terlich all playing, one could be forgiven for hoping one of these $102k Melbourne rookies would standout and earn their spot in our DT’s. But the highlight of their clash with Richmond was JIMMY TOUMPAS.

The #4 draft pick showed class and was heavily involved in a match that the Dees struggled to compete in.

41 DT points (2nd highest in match)
8 posessions, 3 marks, 1 tackle, won 2 free kicks and kicked a goal before handing off a chance for his 2nd for the team to take a 9point shot.
Impressive opener.

Playing predominantly through the mid and ran forward, he led hard, kicked straight and fought hard in the packs.

Toumpas is immediately now on my watch list.

NICK VLASTUIN – Richmond – Midfield / Defender – $147,700

Renowned for his leadership, contested posessions and aggressive tackling, #9 draft pick NICK VLASTUIN didnt take long to get involved and was a vital part of the Richmond chain tonight against Melbourne

23DT points
6 posessions, a strong tackle, won 3 free kicks in contested situations and even won a hitout

In game 2, Vlastuin wracked up 9 posessions a mark and a tackle, and scored another 24DT points. This would have been much but he had 8 handballs to his 1 kick. Regardless, he can find the footy.

Vlastuin will be seen running through the midfield, and helping down back, but not in an outside role like Brandon Ellis. Rather you can expect to see Vlastuin at the bottom of a pack, winning his own ball and setting Richmond up at the start of their next move forward.

Vlastuin is now on my watch list.

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