Dream Team Trade Talk 2013

How do you best use the “2 trades per week, every week” rule this year for Dream Team. Glenn here to discuss it;

So this year its party time for those with itchy trigger fingers. (the author has one for sure!)

For those that continually burn trades, this could be a blessing! But how do you maximize value from your trades and get the most out of them? It may well depend on what your goal for DT in 2013 is. Do you want to have a crack at the overall, win a league with workmates, or just play for fun?

Lets start with the basics
Have you got Swan, Ablett and Franklin in your team? Good, because you won’t be able to afford them later. They won’t drop in price too much. You’ll waste 3 trades in the process and potentially hinder 2 trading weeks that could be key to your year trying to get them in later.

captain swan   zeus ablett   11-buddy

You may also be able to take a risk with 1 or 2 injury prone players you would normally stay away from due to the constrictive number of trades for the year. This year you may be able to take more of a risk, but I wouldn’t got for more than 2-3 in a squad of known injury plagued players, you don’t want to be wasting 2 trades in 1 week getting rid of 2 injured players.

Last year a lot of people were burnt when we were told that Heath Scotland would be out for 4 weeks. He was back after 1 week and those that traded him, were burnt by wasting a valuable trade. Outside of the last game of the year, a premium with a 1 week injury gets benched. 4 weeks is borderline and there some very angry DT’ers out there. This year its not so bad. 1 week you may keep them, but 2, you can switch them out and keep a team full of premiums!

Going for the overall:

Trading Premiums: You must be aggressive in your approach. You have 2 trades, use them to ditch under performing premiums and get in those that are performing. In the past, due to only having 20 trades for the year, it’s been a “wait and see if its just a bad 2 weeks” approach with premiums, as there was a reason you selected them; To keep them for the whole year barring serious injury. This year, if they give you a horrible score, cut them and get someone in who is on fire!

Rookies: At the start of the year, if you have missed the best couple of performing rookies, get them in and cut some rookies who’s price might not rise as fast. Quick cash is good cash this year. The faster its made, the quicker you can have a team of premiums!

The same rule applies mid year. If there is a rookie tearing it up after 2 games and is about to go nuts with price rises, get them in and sell a rookie who has hit their ceiling, or is about too hit their ceiling

Going for the league win:

You can be a bit more conservative when you are just wanting to beat your mates. I would suggest trading in different premiums each week to match up against an opponent’s strengths. Lets say your mate has player X and you don’t. Player X has scored 120+ for the past 3 games and is coming up against a weaker side in the real AFL. Get them in and mitigate that score! It may have the added bonus of annoying your mate!

Rookies: Same applies as with going for the overall. Quick cash is good cash. The faster you have a team full of keepers, the more flexible you can be with trading to match up against an opponent’s strength

Playing for fun:

Do what you want! Maybe try some crazy things and come up with a strategy. If it works, let me know and I may steal it for next year!

1 last strategy you could use, and Justo has already touched on it earlier in the year, is trading for who AFL teams are playing in real life. An example is the Swans who have an easy 2 first games, so why not put in a ROK or a Hannebery and get the bonus points as they pick off weaker opposition and get a ton of touches? You could have 1 player you rotate throughout the year and use your other trade for cashing in rookies. This method does come with risk though, as what happens if the guy you traded in plays that game like a dud?

In the end…

Its all about buying low and selling high. Keep checking those breakeven prices and see whats going on, especially with rookies. If you don’t get this important part of DT right, you’re already behind the 8-ball.

Happy Dream Team Trading in 2013 and good luck!


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