WatchList REVIEW – Collingwood v Essendon v Bulldogs

nab cup

FRIDAY NIGHT – Essendon vs Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

On Friday we listed our DTFML Watch List for Round 1 of the NAB Cup, including the Rookies, Bargains and Guns we were most looking forward to seeing as they fight for a spot in our own DreamTeams. So how did they go…?
Firstly, results of the 3 games were as follows:

  • Essendon 1.5.6 45 def. Western Bulldogs 1.1.4 19
  • Collingwood 1.6.2 47 def. Western Bulldogs 0.4.5 29
  • Collingwood 1.2.10 31 def. Essendon 0.4.5 29


macaffer nab cup 1

Bargains Macaffer – YES

Loved watching him lineup as much as the Pies did. Spent time in the forward line, then in centre bounces running through the mid, and picking up some posessions down back. A true utility who could slot into the Pies team anywhere. Scored 28 DT pts and then 30 DT points and impressed.

RookiesWitts (ruck) – MAYBE

Witts took some time to settle into his ‘around the ground’ ruck role, scoring 11 DT points in game 1 but then 25 DT pts in game 2. A few skill errors and not confident he will be the Pies #2 ruck, now they have Hudson who showed strength and experience.

GunsPendles, Swan and Beams

All played a few minutes but rotated out of the mid heavily to allow others a go. Beams 20 and 29, Pendles 29 and Swan 23 DT pts. Cant take anything from it.

Western Bulldogs

goodes nab cup 1

RookiesGoodes (def) – YES

Very good in game 1, with full back kick in responsibilities, aggressive tackling and overhead pack marks. Scored 32 DT pts and backed it up with 31DT pts. If he is named for the Bullies, he is named in your DT. It’s that easy.


goddard nab cup 1

RookiesKavanagh (mid), Van Unen (def) and KommerKEEP WATCHING

Unfortunately Van Unen didnt get a run but the ‘Kav’ did against the Pies and knocked up 21 DT pts from 5 touches and 2 marks. Need to see more of him in weeks to come. But surprise performance from mature rookie Nich Kommer got my attention with a 44 DT pt game against the Bulldogs.

Guns – Heppell and Goddard – YES and YES

Goddard scored heavily with 46 and 55 DT pts but at times his kicking let him down. Still a lock for me. Heppell was brilliant playing through the midfield, helping out down back and running forward for scores of 50 and 36. If he continues to play midfield even when Watson is back, Id be locking him in my DT backline for sure.

Stay tuned for WatchList Reviews on all NAB Cup matches.

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