Dream Team CHEAT SHEET 2013 v1.


The latest version of the DTFML CHEAT SHEET for Round 1 is now available!

Its our most up to date advice on the site including all our teams for Round 1…




Here it is… the first of our Dream Team CHEAT SHEETS for 2013.

Over the course of the Preseason we will be releasing 4 x Cheat Sheets to help with your team selections:

  • version 1SEE BELOW Initial Structure and Our Considered Players
  • version 2 – After the first round of NAB CupRefined Player Selections
  • version 3After round two of NAB Cup – Refined Player Selections
  • version 4When Round 1 Teams are AnnouncedFinal DTFML Teams

Once again we must stress that there is No Right or Wrong in DreamTeam, and that DTFML does not profess to have the answers. But what we do have is experience, and all the stats/tools to help us pick our teams. DTFML was created to help the DreamTeam community to have better teams and be more competitive. Releasing these CheatSheets is all just a part of that.

Hope you enjoy the read.


Since this article was posted on Feb 9th, we have seen Stevie J suspended for Round1, Staker re-injure his knee and Sandilands go down with a hamstring for 8 weeks. Stay tuned for Cheat Sheet version 2 on its way after the first round of the NAB cup.

version 1 – Initial Structure and Our Considered Players

What we are providing today are the workings of the DTFML authors. These are the selections we are making. These are the structures we are looking at. This is the foundation for our 2013 teams.

DEFENDERS   (Click on image to view full size)


   (Click on image to view full size)


RUCKS  (Click on image to view full size)


FORWARDS   (Click on image to view full size)


So there you have it, the first workings of our teams here at DTFML. These are the structures we believe will give our teams the best advantage to start the season.

My team right now as it sits uses this structure and looks as follows:


Dont Forget, Pick Your Uniques

One of the great things about Dream Team are the unique players that are selected in each individual team.

Sometimes these are the chances you take on an unproven player who you believe will have their “break out” year and rise to stardom. I kind of feel like Scott Selwood and Luke Shuey are up for big years and it might only take a standout performance in the NAB cup for me to end up with one in my starting team. Ivan Maric was a standout ruck selection in 2012, but was certainly not on the DTFML radar when the season started. Those who took a chance on him early would have reaped great rewards though. Other times, we just select our favourites. Do we take Watson because he is so reliable, or do we take Priddis because he is not only reliable, but he plays for the team I support.

It is these types of decisions that also add character and personalise our teams, that make them our own. Further to this, these are the picks that give us the great advantage over our rivals. Finding that gem that the majority overlooked is often the key to success.

So keep this in mind and think to yourself… is there room for Suckling, Chapman, Cloke, DalSanto, Shuey or any other of your own favourite players.

Stay tuned,
version 2 of our Cheat Sheets will contain our actual selected teams as we progress through the NAB cup rounds.

What are you waiting for?
Get back to dreamteam.afl.com.au and start playing with your team.

13 thoughts on “Dream Team CHEAT SHEET 2013 v1.

  1. Good article and the cheat sheets are awesome to help the inexperienced among us. But i would add Scott Thompson, Sam Mitchell and Jobe Watson into your premo selections “choose any 2” to go with Cotchin and crew

  2. I’d almost be inclined to include Stevie J into the bargain category. If you consider his Round 18 effort in 2012, where he was knocked out in the first few seconds of the game (and banked a DT score of 1 point for the FF as a result), he’s about $20k cheaper than he would be without that 1 point game on record.

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