4 Tools for Hardcore Dream Team Players

All hardcore DT players know the value of statistics, and rely on four very important tools to guide them through their DT journey each year. These tools are available to everyone, so if you want to take it serious, and you want to go hardcore, then this is what you need…


afl prospectus 2013

The first tool is the AFL Prospectus, released by Champion Data annually and contains the most thorough performance analysis of every team and all 816 players in the game, along with a quick one liner to summarize their Fantasy worth. It also profiles the Rookies and includes solid Fantasy predictions supported by the numbers and history. It’s a great and thorough read, and us here at DTFML pick it up for $39.95 every year. Order one from http://store.championdata.com/store/afl_prospectus_2013.html or grab it from local book stores.

2. AFL Record

afl record

The pre-season AFL record is a terrific resource detailing each team and descriptively discussing every single afl player from a Fantasy perspective. Us here at DTFML have found it particularly useful through the NAB cup in previous years and usually have it with us through those preseason games as we discover new players surprising us on field and frantically find out a little more about them. For a few bucks, you should grab one from a newsagency and it should be on your coffee table!


assistant coach

Assistant Coach is the holy grail of Fantasy knowledge, opening up a world of assistance and stats. You can trial Assistant Coach for FREE for a few weeks but it will cost you if you wish to sign up for the year. Well what do i get for paying for this so called “assistance” you may ask?

Player Research – Projected Scores, Cash Cows, Break Even scores, Consistency ratings, Scores against selected opponents and at particular venues.

This also includes the Coach’s Choice stat, which shows who the most selected players are in the league. Right now for example, the most selected players in each position are: DEF – Goddard,  MID – Viney,  RUCK – Leuenberger,  FWD – Franklin.  Do you have all 4 ?

It is easily worth the money. Use your trial through the NAB cup and see if its worth signing up for the season.

4. DreamTeam FML


Wait that’s us… you are damn right it is. DT FML is a site created by passionate Hardcore Dream Team players with years of experience, and a successful track record. You can expect non-stop up to date articles right throughout the season on everything you need to know…

  • Must Have Players
  • Rookies and Bargain Players
  • Trades to Make
  • Captain Choices
  • You name it… we’ll have it.

DTFML is a site created solely to help DreamTeam players get serious about their teams. We do what we do… for YOU.

You can follow us at DTFML via emal notifications of our new articles from our HomePage, or follow us on Twitter @DreamTeamFML.

So in short…

Knowledge is everything in the Fantasy world. For any DT player who wants to get serious, go hardcore and compete with the big guns, maybe place in the top 10,000 positions, or even in the top 1,000 like us here at DTFML, those 4 tools are a must.

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